A Guide On Different Chess Rating Systems – FIDE, USCF, And ECF

chess rating system

There are three primary rating systems for chess: FIDE, USCF, and ECF. The World Chess Federation uses the FIDE rating system, while the United States Chess Federation uses the USCF rating system. Meanwhile, the English Chess Federation makes use of the ECF rating system. Each rating system comes with its own set of regulations, which … Read more

5 Reasons Why Chess Is So Popular

why is chess so popular

Chess is popular because compared to other board games the outcome is more dependent on skill rather than luck. Then there are factors like easy game rules, availability of playing it online anytime, and the fact that chess is shown as a sign of intelligence in movies and news making it a very attractive game. … Read more

Best Chess Set under 100 Dollars

For chess enthusiasts seeking an affordable yet high-quality chess set that won’t break the bank is a strategic move. It allows them to indulge in their passion for the game without compromising on craftsmanship or aesthetics. There are several captivating options in a 100 dollars budget. 6 of them are shared in this guide. If … Read more

What happens if you play Chess Everyday?

A lot of good and bad things can happen if you play chess everyday. On the positive side, regular engagement with the game can enhance cognitive abilities like problem-solving, critical thinking, and memory, while also improving concentration and offering stress relief. However, excessive play may lead to obsession or addiction, potentially causing neglect of other … Read more