A Guide On Different Chess Rating Systems – FIDE, USCF, And ECF

chess rating system

There are three primary rating systems for chess: FIDE, USCF, and ECF. The World Chess Federation uses the FIDE rating system, while the United States Chess Federation uses the USCF rating system. Meanwhile, the English Chess Federation makes use of the ECF rating system. Each rating system comes with its own set of regulations, which … Read more

What Do Chess Players Write Down? – A Detailed Guide

Why Chess Players Write Moves?

Chess players write down their moves because it’s an official rule established by FIDE, the international chess governing body. It’s one of those obscure rules that players, whether amateurs or grandmasters, have to follow while playing a rated classical format chess game. Check the video below to see how chess moves are noted down: Questioning … Read more

5 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Play Chess

why girls don't play chess

Girls don’t play chess due to social and cultural factors, lack of role models, unequal opportunities and support, stereotypes impacting self-perception, and the perception of chess as a male-dominated environment. These factors contribute to a gender gap in chess, creating barriers for girls to engage in the game and hindering their progression and representation in … Read more

Armageddon | Chess Variant to Decide a Winner

Every year, the standards of chess are ascending to new heights. With AI playing a significant role in player preparation, individuals now have access to a treasure trove of generational chess knowledge through readily available databases. Top players are making the most of this wealth of chess knowledge, turning chess competition into a battle of … Read more