Chess Tactics For Beginners | A Detailed Guide

Chess Tactics For Beginners

Chess tactics for beginners are no different from those for intermediate and advanced players. There are numerous tactical patterns, making it challenging to put an exact number on them. However, beginners can concentrate on mastering the 20 most commonly occurring patterns to build a strong foundation in the tactical aspect of the game. These are: … Read more

Chess Playing Styles – Guide on Tactical and Positional Chess

chess playing styles

Basically, there are two chess playing styles, tactical and positional. A tactical player is one who relies on tactics and tries to gain an advantage through tactical combinations, while a positional player is the one who is always looking to occupy important squares and gain a positional and space advantage. However, a player’s chess style … Read more

5 Types of Chess Players

types of chess players

There are many different types of chess players, ranging from aggressive attackers and solid strategists to tactical wizards, endgame specialists, and positionally flexible players, each contributing their distinct style and approach to the game. In this article, we will take a look at each of these player types. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate player, … Read more

6 Best Hypermodern Chess Openings

best hyper modern chess openings

Chess has witnessed the evolution of various playing styles throughout the centuries. However, the most significant change lies in how players conceive and strategize their moves at the start of the game. While top-level players still employ traditional methods such as controlling the center with pawns, they have also become adept at mastering openings that … Read more

Classical vs Hypermodern Chess: A Detailed Guide

Chess has witnessed the evolution of various playing styles throughout its history. On the surface, there are two styles of chess, tactical and positional but in terms of approach there are many other styles like classical and hyper modern. While classical chess emphasizes control of the center, positional advantages, and gradual piece development, hypermodern chess … Read more

Why Is Chess So Hard?

Chess is hard because unlike other board games the outcome is more dependent on skill rather than luck. Chess is logical, adventurous, and requires courage to make certain moves. In every position, there are several candidate moves but usually only 1 best move. Because of complexities like these, chess is a very hard game to … Read more