FPL Budget Defenders For 2023-24 Season

best budget defenders fpl

When it comes to FPL budget defenders, historically the teams that finish mid-table have been packed with them. However, last season was different. Despite being the league leaders for the majority of the season, Arsenal relied heavily on a defense composed entirely of budget defenders, while struggling Liverpool’s full-backs appeared to be overpriced. Newcastle United … Read more

5 Reasons Why Chess Is So Popular

why is chess so popular

Chess is popular because compared to other board games the outcome is more dependent on skill rather than luck. Then there are factors like easy game rules, availability of playing it online anytime, and the fact that chess is shown as a sign of intelligence in movies and news making it a very attractive game. … Read more

A Guide On Different Chess Rating Systems – FIDE, USCF, And ECF

chess rating system

There are three primary rating systems for chess: FIDE, USCF, and ECF. The World Chess Federation employs the FIDE rating system, while the United States Chess Federation uses the USCF rating system. Meanwhile, the English Chess Federation makes use of the ECF rating system. Each rating system comes with its own set of regulations, which … Read more

Which League Is Better: LaLiga Or The Premier League?

The English Premier League is widely considered the best football league in the world because of competitive balance, featuring top-tier talent from around the world, historic clubs with passionate fan bases, substantial financial resources, modern stadiums, world-class managerial talent, and a knack for delivering thrilling and dramatic moments. But in terms of continental performance in … Read more

9 Qualities of Good Football/Soccer Shoes

Qualities of Good Football/Soccer Shoes

Good football/soccer shoes, also known as cleats or boots, should possess several qualities to provide optimal performance and comfort for players. Here are some key qualities to look for: 1. Fit The fit of football/soccer shoes is paramount for both performance and comfort. A proper fit ensures that the shoes snugly hug the feet without … Read more

Why Black Players Have White Partners?

black players white wives/partners

Forming relationships is a personal thing but there are several factors contributing to interracial relationships, including those involving Black athletes and white partners, along with relevant evidence like: 1. Social Circles and Exposure Evidence suggests that individuals are more likely to form relationships with people they interact with frequently or share common interests and backgrounds. … Read more

Top 10 Football/Soccer Rituals and Superstitions

Soccer players, like athletes in many sports, often develop superstitions or rituals that they believe will bring them luck or success on the field. The video below is an example of how crazy these superstitions can be: Top 10 Superstitions/Rituals observed in Football Players: 1. Pre-match Rituals Many soccer players adhere to specific routines before … Read more