5 Most Popular Chess Openings

most popular chess openings

Some chess openings stand the test of time, remaining perpetually popular among players of all levels. Examples include the Scotch, Scandinavian, and Ruy Lopez. However, at the top level of chess, the choices of openings are vastly different. Professionals like Grandmasters play openings that are rich in theory and complexity. In this blog post, we … Read more

Can you have two Queens in Chess?

can you have two queens in chess

Yes, you can have two queens in chess if you promote one or more of your pawn(s) to queen(s) upon reaching the 8th rank with white pieces or 1st rank with the black pieces. The Initial Setup At the start of a chess game, each player begins with one queen. This means that there are … Read more

Chess Tips for 1200 Rated Players

chess tips for 1200 rated players

1200 is a decent rating to win a few games in your local amateur tournament. It’s above the beginner level (under 1000) but at the same time it’s still not a very good rating. It is a kind of rating that most people stay on for a life time that’s why it feels like a … Read more

Chess Tips for 900 Rated Players

chess tips for 900 rated players

900 is a beginners level rating but it shows that you do know something about chess. When someone signs up to any chess app, usually a beginners rating is 800 and normally these new players lose rating from there on to as down as 100. 900 rating shows that you have made some progress. While … Read more

Best Chess Openings For Beginners

best chess openings for beginners

Chess is a game of skill and knowledge. As a beginner, the more you understand the game, the better you’ll be at beating the opponents. When you play online, the game will match you with players who are at your level. This is good because as you get better and learn more about chess, you’ll … Read more

Chess Tactics for Advanced Players

Chess Tactics for Advanced Players

At higher levels, chess revolves around preparation, practice, and mental strength. The search for exceptional traps, tactics, moves, and ideas demands more than mere reliance on innate ability and talent to discover the best moves on the board. Advanced players must master specific elements of the game, such as tactics, through dedicated practice. If you’re … Read more