5 Signs you will NEVER be a Football Player

5 Signs you will NEVER be a Football Player

While it’s important to approach sports with a positive mindset and a determination to improve, there are some signs that might indicate challenges in pursuing a professional football career. Keep in mind that these are general considerations, and individual circumstances can vary. Here are five signs that may suggest challenges in becoming a professional football … Read more

At What Age is it “TOO LATE” to become a Footballer?

What Age is it "TOO LATE" to become a Footballer?

While many professional footballers start their journeys at a young age, it’s essential to understand that there isn’t a specific age at which it becomes “too late” to become a footballer. Still 25 usually is considered too late to start a professional career in football. The path to a professional football career varies for each … Read more

Best Attacking Defenders in Premier League

best attacking defenders in premier league

In the fast-paced world of modern football, defenders are no longer just expected to showcase their defensive prowess. They also play a significant role in adding attacking flair to their teams’ game play. In the Premier League, a league known for its high-intensity matches and fierce competition, some defenders stand out for their remarkable attacking … Read more

9 Best Football Strikers/Forwards who can Defend

football forwards who can defend

Being a striker or an attacking midfielder doesn’t mean players should focus only on attacking roles like scoring goals and creating chances to assist a teammate. A footballers role is much more than this! Traditionally, strikers and forwards are known for their ability to score goals and create attacking opportunities. However, some extraordinary players have … Read more