Chess Board Set Up (Step By Step Guide with Images and Video)

Setting up a chessboard is a straightforward process that involves placing the pieces in their starting positions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up a chessboard:

Step 1: Prepare the Chessboard

Prepare the Chessboard

Start by placing the chessboard on a flat surface. Ensure that the board is oriented correctly, with a white square on your right-hand side if you are playing with a light-colored board.

Step 2: Arrange the Pawns

Arrange the Pawns

On each player’s side of the board, place the 8 pawns in a row in front of the other pieces. Each player’s pawns should be placed in the second row from their perspective. In other words:

  • White pawns go on the second row from the bottom (rank 2).
  • Black pawns go on the second row from the top (rank 7).

Step 3: Place the Rooks

Place the Rooks

Next, place the rooks (castle pieces) in the corners of the board:

  • White rooks go in the corners on the bottom row (rank 1). One rook goes in the corner square a1, and the other goes in h1.
  • Black rooks go in the corners on the top row (rank 8). One rook goes in a8, and the other goes in h8.

Step 4: Set Up the Knights

Set Up the Knights

Place the knights next to the rooks. Knights are represented by horse-shaped pieces and are located immediately next to the rooks:

  • White knights go in squares b1 and g1.
  • Black knights go in squares b8 and g8.

Step 5: Position the Bishops

Position the Bishops

The bishops are placed next to the knights:

  • White bishops go in squares c1 and f1.
  • Black bishops go in squares c8 and f8.

Step 6: Arrange the Queens and Kings

Arrange the Queens and Kings

Finally, place the queens and kings on the remaining squares of the first row (rank 1 for white and rank 8 for black):

  • The queen always goes on her matching color square. White queen on a white square and black queen on a black square (green square on this board).
  • The kings are placed in the remaining squares, next to the queens (e1 and e8).

Step 7: Check the Setup

Check the Setup

Double-check that all the pieces are correctly placed and that the board is set up according to the standard rules of chess. The board should look symmetrical with the same pieces on each side, and the kings should not be on adjacent squares.

Congratulations! Your chessboard is now set up and ready for a game of chess.

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