Chess For Toddlers – A Fun Way To Introduce Chess to Kids

Every child is a genius! As Einstein famously said, ‘Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.’ So, how can you discover the genius of your child?

One way to do it is by introducing your child to as many hobbies and activities as possible, especially during their toddler age. In that regard, introducing them to chess won’t be a bad idea.

Today, we’re delving into a delightful chess set designed specifically for kids, accompanied by a charming picture book that has been making waves in the world of young learners.

What customers are saying it:

1. A Beginner’s Set with a Purpose

Sold with a small chess board and punch-out cardboard pieces, this chess set may not impress those who already own a chessboard.

However, for beginners, it provides an affordable entry point into the world of chess. One customer notes, “This is a great little set for anyone that wants to learn Chess!!” The quality of the cardboard pieces pleasantly surprised another user, emphasizing that they fit together nicely and should withstand the learning process.

2. A Book that Speaks to Parents

One enthusiastic parent shares, “Don’t buy for the board… Buy it for the book!” This sentiment echoes the sentiment of many who found the accompanying chessboard a bit lackluster.

However, the lightweight pieces prompted one parent to invest in a larger, weighted chess set, keeping the original set for the book. The recommendation is clear – for children, this book is a gem, offering simplicity and language suitable for the young ones.

3. For All Ages

Surprisingly, this chess set has proven to be beneficial not just for toddlers, but for adults too! A parent confesses, “I know this is labeled for kids, but I got it to teach my husband how to play Chess.”

This anecdote underscores the book’s effectiveness in breaking down complex concepts, making it a handy tool even for those who struggle with the game’s intricacies.

4. A Learning Journey Through Illustrations

The book itself is a visual feast, introducing children to the history of chess through colorful illustrations depicting medieval scenes related to each chess piece.

The inclusion of full-color illustrations of different moves on a chessboard adds a layer of interactivity, making it easier for young learners to absorb the information. The introduction to common strategies serves as a valuable foundation for budding chess enthusiasts.

5. A Gift That Keeps Giving

Looking beyond the board and pieces, one customer finds the set to be more than just a game. “The kids’ Book of Chess and starter set would make a great gift,” she states. Emphasizing the inclusivity of the set, she adds, “Kids can read, learn, and then play right away.”

The versatility of this all-inclusive beginner’s set makes it a thoughtful gift for children, especially those who may not have anyone to teach them or provide a dedicated chess set.

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