Best Chess Set For Girls On Amazon

When it comes to chess, there’s a set for everyone, and that includes the vibrant, sturdy, and fascinating chess set tailored for girls. With more than 200 ratings, this set boasts an impressive score of 4.6 out of 5, showing that it’s captured the hearts of many players.

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What Customers are saying about this chess set:

1. Beauty and Durability in Every Piece

What makes this set so special? Well, the pieces are not just chess pieces; they’re beautiful, bright, and vivid. They’re sturdy, making them perfect for game play, yet they also double as an eye-catching display.

Plus, they come with an extra queen, adding even more value to the package. This bonus feature has left customers singing praises about the set’s value and quality.

2. Versatile, Vibrant, and Perfect for Play

One customer found these pieces to be an ideal addition to a 20-inch board, praising the 17-piece set that includes two queens. The color was a highlight, described as perfect, making it an excellent match for most plastic sets with roll-up boards. Its lightweight nature makes it a fantastic choice for teaching chess or playing alternate versions of the game, making it a versatile set for all sorts of gameplay styles.

3. Inspiring Girls’ Interest in Chess

Girls usually don’t play chess due to many reasons but this set specifically with the variety in pieces colors is designed to intrigue them towards chess.

Some customers have specifically bought these sets for their daughters, aiming to foster their interest in the game or support their chess endeavors. One parent even got a set for themselves, opting for the elegant purple pieces, emphasizing the confidence these pieces instill during play.

4. A Colorful Spectrum and a Minor Hiccup

However, not every review was a perfect score. One user felt misled by the description, as the gold pieces were more tan or brown than a true golden hue.

Despite the disappointment, they were already planning to take matters into their own hands, considering spray-painting the pieces to achieve the desired look.

Nevertheless, this was an exception among the generally vibrant and well-done color schemes from the same company.

5. A Burst of Brightness and Satisfaction

On the other hand, another customer was over the moon with their purchase, receiving a set with a bright orange color. Their enthusiasm and love for the product highlight the diverse range of colors available, catering to various preferences.

This chess set for girls stands out as a visually stunning, durable, and versatile collection, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned players.

Its ability to attract not just players but also those who appreciate aesthetics and quality craftsmanship solidifies its place as a standout option in the world of chess sets.

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