Teach a Child Chess (Using Story Time Chess – 2021 Toy of The Year Award Winner)

If you’re looking for a playful and engaging way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of chess, then look no further than Story Time Chess, the 2021 Toy of The Year Award Winner!

With a glowing 4.7 out of 5-star rating based on more than 1300 ratings, this innovative chess set has charmed both kids and parents, making learning chess an enchanting adventure.

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What Customers are saying about this chess set:

1. A Gift That Keeps On Giving

For many parents, Story Time Chess has proven to be an excellent choice for their little ones.

One parent shared, “My son got this for his third birthday. We’ve been playing it for a few minutes every day for about a week. He loves it! He’s not really into the stories yet but he really likes the mini games and is picking the game up very quickly!”

2. Chess Made Fun and Easy

Learning chess can be intimidating, but Story Time Chess has changed that perception.

Another parent shared their experience, “Thought this wasn’t worth the cost at first. WRONG!!! My granddaughter loves it. We started with the kings and did that for a few months when she came here. Then moved to the pawns. I never thought she would remember. She did jump to the knights because she wanted to hear the story but we will keep reviewing. She is 4 now but I predict she will be joining the chess club when she gets into school. She remembers how the pieces move which surprised me. If you love chess, this is a fun way to get your child into it.”

3. Fun and Educational Stories

The stories included in Story Time Chess add a layer of enjoyment to the learning process. As one satisfied parent mentioned, “This game is so fun! The best way to teach kids how to play chess! The stories are fun and perfect for kids. My 5-year-old is loving it! Highly recommend!”

4. Sturdy Yet Improvable

While the concept is a hit, some parents expressed a desire for more durable materials, stating, “The idea is great, it’s a game that introduces chess for kids. But we would like to have more durable materials because young kids play with it and it’s all getting damaged. We had to fix the board and the cutouts in a few weeks of using. But still, we like them very much. Thanks a lot.”

5. Learning Together as a Family

Story Time Chess is not just for kids; it’s an opportunity for family bonding and learning.

As another parent noted, “This is a great quality game, and very age-appropriate. The way in which the story is told allows your child to learn exactly how each piece moves in a real game of chess. This was very well created and is fun to learn chess along with your children. This is a great family game!”

6. A Family Favorite

Beyond individual reviews, one parent summarized the experience beautifully, saying, “Looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce your kids to the game of chess? Look no further than Story Time Chess! I purchased this set for my 5 and 7-year-old children, and it has quickly become a family favorite.”

The Story Time Chess set includes everything you need, from a captivating board to chess pieces adorned with adorable characters. The accompanying storybook introduces each character and their moves, making learning chess accessible and entertaining for young minds.

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