Travel Chess Set for Blind or Those with Low Vision

Chess is a game played and enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. But what about those who are blind or have low vision? How can they enjoy the intellectual challenge and competitive spirit of chess? Well, there’s a solution – the Travel Chess Set for the Blind and those with Low Vision.

Prominent Features:

This chess set is specially designed to make chess accessible to those with visual impairments. Here are some of its notable features:

  1. Compact and Portable: The set is small enough to fit in your lap and is ideal for playing on the go. You can take it camping, in the car, or just about anywhere you like.
  2. Tactile Chessboard: The chessboard is designed with raised and indented squares. Black squares are raised, while white squares are indented slightly, making it easier for players to distinguish the board’s layout.
  3. Pegged Chess Pieces: Each chess piece has a peg on the bottom that fits snugly into the holes on the board. This design prevents pieces from sliding around or falling over during the game.
  4. Raised Peg on White Pieces: To distinguish between white and black pieces, the white ones have a small peg on top, ensuring that players can identify their pieces by touch.

Customer Reviews:

1. A Valuable Travel Companion

One customer mentioned that initially, they were unimpressed with the set’s construction. However, after using it for a while, they found it to be sturdy and reliable. It has accompanied them on many adventures, from camping trips to long car rides. The customer even mentioned that if it ever breaks, they would buy another.

2. Affordable but Functional

Another customer highlighted that the pieces are made of inexpensive plastic, and there were some issues with the holes being too small. Despite these minor drawbacks, they found it to be a good buy for the price, especially as a travel set.

3. A Favorite for the Blind

One visually impaired customer praised this chess set as their favorite among several they had tried. They emphasized its portability and convenience for playing in various settings. The only issue they encountered was some tight-fitting pieces, which they resolved by filing down the pegs. In their opinion, this minor inconvenience was well worth the benefits of this set.

4. An Investment for Blind Players

A customer who recently lost their vision discovered this chess set and found it to be innovative and challenging. They described how the tactile design of the board and the unique pegged pieces allowed them to enjoy the game with patience and dedication. It posed a challenge even to sighted opponents and was considered a valuable investment for blind individuals.

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