Enjoy Great Outdoors with Giant Yard Chess Set

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to spend time outdoors and enjoy a classic game, the Giant Outdoor Yard Chess Set might be the perfect choice. With a strong 4.4 out of 5-star rating based on more than 180 ratings, it’s clear that this set has captured the hearts of many.

What Customers are saying about this chess set:

1. A Sturdy Upgrade for School Use

For those in the educational field, the Giant Outdoor Yard Chess Set serves as an excellent investment.

One user working at an independent school shared their experience, stating, “I work at an independent school and finally decided to order a replacement set of large chess pieces for the platform overlooking our rec field. These things are great! Very sturdy and solid construction – much better than the set I’m replacing, which was not from MegaChess.”

This highlights the durability and quality of the pieces.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

The same user went on to praise the outstanding customer service provided by the company: “I messaged the company via the order page here on Amazon, and they replied within minutes! I have the two replacement pieces en route via FedEx, should arrive on Friday. Amazing product and amazing customer service.”

This positive interaction showcases the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

3. Durable Design for Outdoor Fun

Another user, who had owned the set for over a year, commended its resilience: “We have owned our chess set for over a year and it still looks great. We added sand in the base of each piece and even during some pretty intense storms here at the lake, they didn’t blow away. Our children love playing with the chess set.”

This feedback emphasizes the set’s longevity and its appeal to kids.

4. Easy Assembly and Quality Materials

One satisfied customer highlighted the ease of assembly and the quality of the pieces: “The pieces are super easy to assemble and feel like the same quality as the ones we used at our resort.”

This reflects the convenience of setting up the outdoor chess set and its comparable quality to commercial sets.

5. Customization for a Permanent Look

While some users didn’t opt for the chessboard included with the set, they were delighted to customize their playing surface.

As one user explained, “We didn’t get the chessboard that was available with the set. I wanted something that looked more permanent, so we ordered interlocking garage flooring tiles.”

This customization option allows users to create a unique and lasting outdoor chess experience.

6. Mixed Opinions on Pricing and Chessboard

Not all users were completely satisfied with the pricing and the absence of a chessboard.

One user mentioned, “The product itself seems decent quality… But around $460 with shipping, it is too expensive.” It’s essential to consider your budget and preferences when evaluating this set.

7. Endurance in All Weather Conditions

Another user shared their positive experience with the set’s endurance, even in challenging weather conditions: “I set this up in my backyard using 19″ pavers white/dark. I get compliments on it all the time. Fun to play on a large board. It has withstood 2 winters and 2 summers without any fading.”

This demonstrates the set’s resilience in various climates.

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