In this article, we will look at best players to pick for premier league fantasy football. We will analyze and recommend players that were top performers in previous seasons and the ones that the fantasy football managers trust the most.

The strengths of each of these players will be put under the microscope. And as a result, it will help you decide which player can stay in your team and which not.

Currently, there are over 20 players that come under the radar of Fantasy Premier League top players.

But we have set criteria that will further filter the players.

Our top player criteria:

  1. Performance consistency
  2. Teams selected by %
  3. Past performance

Your intuition:

There are some transfer ins that you can do purely on intuition.

You don’t need any reasoning and sign the player without hesitation.

Players like Salah, Son, Kane, and DeBruyne are the kind of players that don’t need any hesitation in selection. And you can keep trusting them game after game even if they fail sometimes or for a few game weeks.

We encourage you to sign a few of these players but it is highly not recommended to make every FPL signing based on your intuition.

You have to transfer in a combination of budget players, mid price players, bargains and top players to be an FPL successful manager. And that’s the only way of lining up a strong team in the available budget.

Let’s look at some of the top players for Fantasy Premier League:

1. Muhammad Salah (Liverpool)

  • Season starting Price: £13.0m

The Egyptian king is always in demand in the Fantasy Premier League. He is scoring big season after season, and once again he is FPL’s most transferred in midfielder(more than 58% ownership) at the start of the season.

Last season, Salah scored 265 points contributing to Liverpool’s scoresheet with 23 goals and 14 assists. And he is not getting tired of putting these numbers season after season.

Salah is consistently scoring 233+ points from the last 5 seasons, and because of these figures Salah tops our list of top FPL players.

2. Kevin Debruyne (Manchester City)

  • Season starting Price: £12.0m

Kevin Debruyne is another FPL managers big favorite and a consistent Premier League performer.

Last season, Debruyne scored 196 points contributing to Manchester City’s scoresheet with 15 goals and 8 assists.

He is currently transferred in by more than 14% managers before the start of season.

3. Danny Ings (Aston Villa)

  • Season starting Price: £7.0m

Last season Danny Ings scored 7 and assisted 6 in 1891 minutes he played. But that’s not the whole picture. He is a player worth more than that. A few seasons ago, Ings scored 22 goals in a league season.

And if 22 goals are scored once, they can get repeated again.

He is on our list of top players for the following reasons:

  • Ings is a proven goalscorer
  • 2nd choice penalty taker
  • part of an exciting attacking Premier League side Aston Villa

He is the lone striker upfront for Aston Villa, who can score big against any team.

Ings is currently owned by just over 1% of managers, which is low for a player of his quality. He is on our list of top FPL players for the potential he has and the past record.

4. Phil Foden (Manchester City)

  • Season starting Price: £8.0

Phil Foden’s minutes on the pitch are going up every season.

Last season, Foden scored 137 points contributing to Manchester City’s scoresheet with 9 goals and 6 assists.

He is one of England’s top young talents who is getting more prominent with his performances each passing season.

Foden can easily score 15+ goals this season, even more if he remains in the plans of Pep Guardiola starting 11 consistently.

For now, you can at least put him in your watchlist, but for sure he is one of the top FPL assets.

5. Harry Kane (Tottenham)

  • Season starting Price: £11.5m

Harry Kane scored 17 and assisted 11 goals last season, which even by his standards are not very good numbers. But he is a proven goalscorer. No one can doubt about it.

The best thing is that his value is a little down in FPL at the start of the current season. It for sure will go up, and we are recommending Kane as a top FPL asset to consider because of the following reasons:

  • 1st choice penalty taker
  • Proven goalscorer
  • can easily score 25+ goals in league season

Last season was just not the Kane we all know.

6. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

  • Season starting Price: £10.0m

He scored 10 and assisted 7 goals in the Premier League last season. These numbers came down compared to the previous season but for sure Bruno is one of the best players in the world.

151 points, still are not bad for a whole season but we are expecting Bruno Fernandes to do more in the upcoming season.

Although since arrival of Ronaldo he has done very little for Man United, Bruno is a player way more capable than 10 goals and 7 assists.

7. Heung-Min Son (Tottenham)

  • Season starting Price: £12.0

Son scored 23 and assisted 10 goals last season with overall points of 258. From the last 6 seasons, he is a consistent performer and only improving each year.

Though his price is going up every season, his stats are also showing an upward trend each year.

Sonny is currently owned by more than 26% FPL managers. That’s still pretty low and expected to go up because he is a great player.

He played 3009 minutes last season, and was the 1st Asian to win a Premier League Golden Boot for the top scorer in the league.

With all the numbers and indicators going in favor of Son, he is on our list of top players.

8. Trent-Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)

  • Season starting Price: £7.5m

TAA scored 2 and assisted 12 goals last season. An overall of 208 points with 2853 minutes on the pitch.

He is the most expensive defender in FPL but totally worth it. Especially when you look at his offensive abilities and corner and long free-kick duties.

He takes the corners and gives a lot of assists from the wing. The 15 assists he provided 2 seasons ago is a record for any defender and being a young player playing at a big club like Liverpool, he can surely repeat the numbers of that title-winning season.

His FPL ownership is currently at over 55%. This makes it easy for us to put Trent in the list of top FPL players.

9. Jamie Vardy (Leicester City)

  • Season starting Price: £9.5m

Jamie is a player who has seen everything in English football and life. From 4th division football and working as a laborer to meat his expanses, to winning the Premier League with Leicester City, Jamie Vardy has witnessed everything.

Even injuries couldn’t keep him away from scoring 15 and assisting 3 goals last season. With an overall points tally of 133 points in only 1801 minutes on the pitch, he is one of our top FPL recommendations.

Qualities that make Jamie desirable to transfer into FPL teams include:

  • He is the 1st choice penalty taker and a proven goal scorer.
  • His FPL numbers are consistent.

That’s all in Fantasy Premier League top players to pick . To know more about FPL, check out our content on budget forwards and budget goalkeepers.

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