Best FPL out of Position Players

In Fantasy Premier League, players who are registered in a different position than their actual playing role are the out of position players. For example, when a midfielder is registered as a defender or a forward is registered as a midfielder, they become out of position players.

This can be highly advantageous in terms of winning points.

Being registered out of position increases the potential for some players to earn more points because they are more close to attack.

A midfielder registered as a defender receives 4 points for a clean sheet instead of the usual 1 point, and 6 points for scoring a goal instead of 5.

The same applies to a forward registered as a midfielder, as scoring a goal would be worth 5 points instead of 4, and keeping a clean sheet as a midfielder would earn 1 point, whereas it would be 0 if the player was registered as a forward.

8 Best FPL Out of Position Players:

1. Pervis Estupiñán (Brighton)

Estupiñán is a defender in FPL but his attacking contributions and involvement in Brighton’s exciting style of play make him an appealing out of position option.

He consistently features in starting lineup, increasing his chances of earning points through clean sheets and defensive contributions.

What sets him apart as an out of position player is his ability to score goals and provide assists. Last season Estupiñán scored 1 goal and provided 9 assists.

The ongoing season is already a flyer with 2 goal and 3 assists in just 9 game weeks. He has missed all other games due to injury.

Estupiñán is now more settled in the Premier League environment, which is further positively impacting his performances. You can always expect him to be at forefront whenever Brighton drops a performance and a half and in every clean sheet he is almost guaranteed to get the bonus points.

2. Vitalii Mykolenko (Everton)

The Everton defender is silently giving great performances without getting much notice from FPL managers. He has scored 2 goals and provided 1 assist in the ongoing season and is one of the top inform defenders in FPL charts.

Everton’s results are unpredictable and hard to guess but if you want to stand out you have to take risks on these under rated players. It’s not a buy call but just an idea for you to consider…

Vitalii Mykolenko’s original playing position is left back but he regularly joins the team in attack just like any good modern full back does and the best thing is he costs just £4.6m.

3. Richarlison (Spurs)

He hasn’t done anything special yet for Spurs but with Harry Kane gone to Bayern, Richarlison is the only available striker in the Spurs team.

Good thing is that he is listed as a midfielder in FPL, which will give managers all the benefits of an out of position player if he performs.

His goal-scoring record for Spurs is poor but he previously played exceptionally well for Everton. An inform Richarlison will be my top priority out of position player any day.

4. Kai Havertz (Arsenal)

Kai Havertz isn’t primarily a forward, but he can be deployed in that role during games where the opposition is pressing hard.

Chelsea has used him in this way, and given the options available at Arsenal, there will likely be matches where Nketiah is on the bench and Havertz starts as a striker.

Gabriel Jesus is injury-prone, and will for sure be spending a lot of time out of playing 11.

It will be interesting to see whether Arteta opts to use Havertz as a striker in some games or not..

Havertz is listed as a midfielder in FPL, which could greatly benefit managers by providing extra points for attacking returns when he plays as a striker.

5. Serge Aurier (Nott’m Forest)

In his peak season to date Aurier provided 7 assists. He is available at just £4.5m price and is well capable of giving attacking returns.

Nott’m Forest’s defense is not that good but they still kept 8 clean sheets last season.

Combine that with Aurier’s attacking potential and low price and you can use him in favoring fixtures. He can give good out of position returns.

6. Pedro Porro (Spurs)

In only 1,132 minutes on the pitch, Pedro Porro scored 3 and provided 3 assists last season.

He is listed a defender in FPL but is basically a defensive midfielder who goes often to the right wing.

His price is £5.9m, which was just £5.0m at the start of the season. The on going season is his 1st full season with Spurs.

Pedro is young, energetic and well capable of producing lots of attacking returns. You should definitely consider him for your FPL teams.

In terms of points, Pedro is head and shoulders above other Spurs defenders.

7. Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

Trent is included in our list of out of position players because, despite being listed as a defender, he often plays like a winger.

He frequently ventures forward to support the attack, making him a valuable asset in terms of offensive contributions.

He excels at providing numerous assists and earning points from clean sheets, with the occasional goal adding to his scoring potential.

FPL managers should consider Trent as a valuable player who can make a significant impact on their team’s performance.

8. Kieran Trippier (Newcastle)

Trippier emerges as another noteworthy out-of-position gem in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

Despite being classified as a defender, Trippier often showcases his attacking prowess on the field, resembling a dynamic winger.

His tendency to push forward significantly bolsters the team’s offensive capabilities, making him a valuable asset for FPL managers seeking points from unexpected sources.

Similar to Trent Alexander-Arnold, he excels in providing assists, creating goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Moreover, Trippier’s defensive skills ensure potential points from clean sheets, adding an extra layer of reliability to his fantasy appeal.

Just like Trent, Trippier’s occasional goal-scoring exploits further enhance his potential to be a game-changer in FPL. The only downside is that they both are very expensive players. Trippier is relatively less expensive at £6.7m, but Trent will cost you £8.5m.


There will be many out of position players as the season keeps moving on.

We will keep updating the list throughout the season.

Among all out of position players, the top assets are usually the defenders playing in midfield and strikers listed as midfielders.

Do keep a close eye on this one detail and you will score a lot of points in the FPL.

You can also consider players like Cole Palmer and Ben White. They are also great options to look at as an out of position player. Cole Palmer is also 1st choice penalty taker for Chelsea.