Currently there are more than 10 million FPL managers in 2023-24 season. This number will easily cross 11 million as the season progresses because new accounts are created every game week to try and win the weekly rewards.

Apart from the rewards, the fact that football is loved worldwide and that more people are using the internet has caused new football fans to keep appearing.

These fans are drawn to FPL even while the season is happening, and this is making the number of FPL managers increase.

Total FPL Players By Country:

Only the Official FPL has information about how many FPL players are from each country. This data hasn’t been shared with the public. You can inquire on their official Twitter page, as they often respond to public questions about data.

Business Side of Fantasy Football

FPL used to be just for fun, but now it’s a big business. With over 9.4 million players, the FPL website gets lots of visitors.

Advertisers want to put ads on the website because many people see them. This brings in money. The mix of fantasy football and ads shows that having lots of passionate fans can be good for business.

FPL Is Increasing English Football’s Popularity Worldwide:

FPL does more than just make money. It also helps the Premier League get more fans from around the world.

Even if someone doesn’t have a favorite team, they watch Premier League games to see how their FPL players are doing.

This makes English football more popular everywhere. People from different places become fans and enjoy the English football scene.

The Only Downside of FPL:

The only downside of Fantasy Premier League is that it can disrupt the essence of rivalries.

For instance, an Arsenal fan supporting a Spurs player to earn points doesn’t bode well for English football.

Rivalries are an integral part of English football culture, as well as football cultures in every country. They infuse the game with a unique significance, adding emotions and excitement.

If everyone begins playing in a friendly manner and supporting each other’s players, football could lose its emotional intensity and the thrill it brings.


FPL players and FPL managers is the same thing!

Currently there are more than 10 million FPL players in 2023-24 season. This number will easily cross 11 million as the season progresses because new accounts are created every game week to try and win the weekly rewards.

In addition to rewards, the global popularity of football and the increasing prevalence of the internet have led to the continuous emergence of new football fans. They are attracted to FPL even during the season, contributing to the growth of FPL managers.

FPL’s popularity has transformed it into a profitable business, with advertisers eager to place ads on the website to reach its vast audience.

While FPL generates revenue, it also enhances the worldwide appeal of English football. Fans from diverse locations tune in to Premier League games to monitor the performance of their FPL players.

However, one drawback is that FPL has the potential to disrupt traditional football rivalries. Fans may support players from rival teams to earn FPL points, which could diminish the emotional intensity and excitement that rivalries bring to the sport.

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