African countries have not won the FIFA World Cup due to a combination of factors like financial challenges, talent drain, inexperience of playing in big tournaments and tough competition.

They also have many other challenges beyond football that if fixed will impact their football indirectly like corruption, poverty, and injustice. But that’s a whole different thing.

The main issue African countries are facing right now is their talent drain. France won the world cup in 2018 using half a squad that were players originally from Africa who have changed their nationality.

But they did it by recruiting them in their youth system from a very young age.

How can an African country win a world cup?

A lot needs to be done! African countries need to improve their football infrastructure, including stadiums, training facilities, and grassroots programs.

But that will be just the beginning. They need Coaching and Technical Development and on top of it all the money and finances to keep the whole football system afloat.

African football fans are extremely passionate about the game but all the big Mauritanian, Angolan or Guinean talent is ending up in France.

Ivory Coast, Egypt, Morocco, and Cameroon are doing much better in that regard. They rarely lose their players to European countries.

Top 10 Talented African Descent players playing for European Countries like France:

Player NameCountry RepresentedCountry of BirthParents Nationality
Kylian MbappéFranceFranceFather (Cameroonian), Mother (Algerian)
N’Golo KantéFranceMaliBoth from Mali
Paul PogbaFranceFranceBoth from Guinea
Ousmane DembeleFranceFranceFather (Malian), Mother (French but Mauritania & Senegal descent)
Corentin TollisoFranceFranceFather (Togolese)
Samuel UmtitiFranceCameroonBoth from Cameroon
Adama TraoréSpainMaliBoth from Mali
Presnel KimpembeFranceFranceFather (Congolese), Mother (Afro-Haitian)
William SalibaFranceCameroonMother (Cameroonian)
Jules KoundeFranceFranceFather (Beninise)

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