What Do Chess Players Write Down? – A Detailed Guide

Chess players write down their moves because it’s an official rule established by FIDE, the international chess governing body.

It’s one of those obscure rules that players, whether amateurs or grandmasters, have to follow while playing a rated classical format chess game. Check the video below to see how chess moves are noted down:

Questioning the Practice

At first glance, this might seem a bit unusual, especially in today’s world of abundant technology and resources. But even in high-level tournaments, where players should focus solely on their game, this rule is enforced, which could be seen as an unnecessary distraction.

Top players should ideally be able to devote their full attention to calculations and strategies, rather than writing down their moves.

Options besides players writing their moves:

In addition to players writing down their moves, there are 2 different options that chess federation can explore to make move recording more convenient.

One option is to let someone from outside, like a dedicated assistant or referee, handle the task of noting down the moves.

Another possibility is the complete automation of the process, where advanced technology records the moves without any manual intervention. This could involve sensors on the chessboard detecting each move and transmitting the information electronically.

These alternatives will free players from the task of recording moves, enabling them to fully engage in the strategic aspect of the game.

Plus it will be easier for arbiter to enforce touch move. Sensors will detect piece touch even if the opponent doesn’t see it and it will be by default an obligation on player to move the touched piece.

Examples of How Technology is transforming other Sports:

In a world where advanced technologies are transforming various aspects of sports, such as instant replays in soccer and electronic line calling in tennis, chess could also benefit from similar innovations.

Top chess tournaments aren’t short on funds, so involving a 3rd party won’t be a drastic change.

Can the Established Chess Rules like Writing Moves ever change?

It might change in the future but currently there are no talks of changing the rule. It’s not even a discussion in mainstream media or among chess fans. Only commentators a few times have questioned this rule.

If it becomes a talk of mainstream media, chess federation might do something about it.

Some Other Related Queries To Players Writing Down Moves:

What do chess players write down at the end?

At the end of a chess game, players write down any moves they haven’t already recorded on their annotation sheet and then sign the score sheet provided by the game’s arbiter.

In FIDE-rated games, the annotation sheet also serves as the scoring sheet, so the same paper on which they record the moves is the one they sign as the score sheet. Both players do this because they each have their own move recording sheet.

What is said at the end of a chess game?

When two top players compete and battle it out, they discuss various positions that occurred during the game at its conclusion.

They review everything during post-game analysis, so they engage in discussions to reduce the time spent using computer analysis.

Additionally, their love for the game and the pleasure they derive from discussing chess-related topics may also be reasons why top players often discuss their games with their opponents.

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