Best Chess Board With Magnet Base in Under $50

While a chess set with a magnet base is quite common, finding one that strikes a perfect balance between functionality, affordability, and portability can be a challenging task. In this blog post, we’re unveiling a hidden gem – a magnetic chess set that won’t break the bank!

Let’s dive into the details of this magnetic wonder that has garnered a stellar rating of 4.5 out of 5 from over 430 reviews.

What customers are saying about this set:

1. Magnets That Just Work

One of the standout reviews praises the magnet strength, emphasizing that it’s strong enough to keep the pieces in place without making the movements uncomfortable.

The magnets do their job, ensuring that you can confidently move or set aside the board without the fear of pieces flying. It’s the perfect balance – not too strong, not too weak.

2. Quality Beyond the Price

While some users may find the term “exquisite” a bit generous, the general consensus is that this set is undeniably attractive.

The pieces boast a smooth, comfortable feel in the hand, with a size and weight that complement the overall set.

The inclusion of an extra queen for each side and bonus checkers adds to the set’s appeal, making it more than just a chessboard.

3. On-the-Go Chess

For those with a nomadic spirit, this chess set proves to be a travel companion like no other.

One customer commends its packing convenience, stating that the pieces hold well to the board, making it an exciting addition to road trips.

Another user highlights its compact size, perfect for traveling, making it an adorable yet functional chess set on the move.

4. Design Flaws, but Not Deal breakers

Like any product, this magnetic chess set isn’t without its imperfections. Some users note that the board doesn’t lie flat with checkers in place, requiring removal for a smooth play surface.

Additionally, a few find the set a tad large for travel, making it better suited for home use. However, these drawbacks are seen as minor inconveniences rather than deal breakers.

5. A Grandson’s Delight

One heartwarming review reveals that an 11-year-old chess enthusiast adores this set. Not only does he play both checkers and chess with it, but he also plans to take it camping – a testament to the set’s durability and appeal across generations.

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