Gifting a chess related item to someone who loves playing chess is an awesome idea. Chess sets these days aren’t just black and white boards with standard pieces. They’re like treasure troves, filled with surprises, combining your love for the game with your favorite characters and themes. Let’s explore these fantastic sets and see how they make your chess game a whole new experience!

List of Trending Chess Gifts:

1. Star Wars Chess Set

The epic saga of Star Wars meets the classic game of chess in this set. Enthusiasts praise it for its unique, collectible appeal, celebrating both fandom and the enduring challenge of the game. Feedback highlights its immersive experience, embodying iconic characters in every move.

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2. DGT 960 Digital Chess Clock

The seller behind this chess clock is DGT. They are the official equipment sponsors of world chess federation (FIDE). This clock comes in 5.51 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches dimensions.

Rating: 4.6/5 stars with over 10 ratings.


A foldable chess clock that can easily be put into a pocket. Shows both move time and clock time. Comes with modern features like including delay and bonus options. The clock has a large display and an optional buzzer that makes a beep sound in time trouble in a way that won’t disturb the focus of players playing the game.

Good Features:

  • lite weight
  • bonus & delay functions
  • foldable
  • shows both time left on the clock and last move time

3. Jurassic Park Chess Set

This chess set invites players into the thrilling world of Jurassic Park. Reviews showcase its impressive aesthetics, transporting players to the prehistoric era with meticulously designed dinosaur pieces, appealing to fans of both chess and the iconic movie series.

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4. Simpsons Chess Set

A fusion of wit and chess, this set takes a playful spin on the classic game. Users admire its humor-infused pieces, describing how it reignites a timeless game with character-inspired figures. Reviews applaud its sturdiness and the joy it brings to both kids and adults.

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5. Giant Outdoor Yard Chess Set

Designed for outdoor fun, this larger-than-life chess set receives praise for its sturdiness and its appeal in educational settings or outdoor spaces. Users appreciate its durability and solid construction, making it a perfect addition to recreational areas.

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6. DGT Easy PLUS Best Chess Clock in Black

The seller behind this chess clock is DGT.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars with over 10 ratings.


A digital chess timer clock that doesn’t require a lot of battery change. The battery can last up to 2 years. Good for all Chinese Chess, International Chess, I-GO, and Other 2 Players Board Games. The timer runs on a Quartz Movement.

The clock comes with an alarm function that starts ringing when a player’s time starts running out.

Good Features:

  • lite weight
  • beautiful design
  • bonus & Delay Functions
  • alarm settings can be turned on/off
  • easy settings

7. Star Trek Chess Set

Celebrating the future, this set brings the 3D chess experience of Star Trek to life. Reviews showcase the admiration for its authenticity and design, combining the love for the iconic show with the challenging gameplay, albeit some mention the smaller size as a slight downside.

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8. Chess Set for Child

Tailored for younger players, this set wins favor for its delightful, child-friendly approach. Reviews outline the pleasure parents find in this set as a teaching tool, highlighting the sturdiness of the pieces and the joy of playing while learning.

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9. Mickey Mouse Chess Set

This whimsical set combines Disney charm with the strategic game of chess, perfect for Disney enthusiasts. Users praise it for its nostalgic value and potential as a collector’s item, providing a unique twist to the game.

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10. Travel Chess Set

Designed for portability, this magnetic set wins acclaim for its sturdy build and convenience. Users commend its quality and ease of carrying, ideal for playing on the go or while traveling.

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11. Travel Chess Set for The Blind or Those with Low Vision

Uniquely designed for visually impaired players, this set garners appreciation for its innovative tactile design and suitability for the blind. Reviews highlight its accessibility and the efforts to make chess enjoyable for everyone.

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