A quality product doesn’t always come with a high price tag. Sometimes the added features make the price go high and people buy the product without really going into the inquiry of what they need and why they are paying so much.

Chess clocks are no different. You can buy a chess clock priced $250 and under or you can buy one that costs 1000’s in dollars. The basic functionality will be the same. They are all digital. They run on a cell or battery. They last long and most of them beep (make a non-disturbing alarm sound!) when a player is in time trouble.

Basically, they all work the same and you don’t need to pay any extra amount of money for a chess clock. In this guide, we will help you choose between 5 chess clocks that cost $210.00, $100.99, $98.99, $93.99 and  $64.95 in that order and help you decide which one is good for you and why is there a difference in prices.

Top 5 Chess Clocks Priced $250 and Under

1. DGT PI Chess Clock and Game Timer

DGT PI Chess Clock is pricey (available at $200) but for a very good reason. Besides all the usual stuff:

  • players clicking from their end to stop their time and continuing the opponent’s time
  • ability to increase the time when a certain number of moves are already played
  • and setting up a different time for players on each end (odds game)

DGT PI chess clock has some added features such as:

  • the digital PI in the clock can connect the board to a large screen
  • 8 chess engines included helping enjoy different styles of play
  • once connected to the board, engines will show their preferred moves on the screen
  • StockFish, Texel, Arasan, Rodent II, Zurichess, Floyd, Cinnamon and Claudia are the included chess engines
  • a DVD of the epic “Art of War” by Sun Tzu E-Book

If you think the added features are not your requirements and you only need a normal chess clock, scroll down and you can find more options to buy from.

But if you are planning to buy this one, hurry up. The last time I checked only 17 sets were in stock. And I’m not creating some kind of urgency, many chess clocks in this price range are already sold out and out of stock.

2. LoveinDIY Portable Digital Chess Clock

LoveinDIY Portable Digital Chess Clock is available at almost half the price of DGT PI Chess Clock (at $100.99). It has all the features of a normal chess clock that are mentioned above plus some added features such as:

  • Electronic alarm timer
  • all programmed options plus manual setup of all the parameters
  • can support Chinese Chess, International Chess, Gomoku, I-GO
  • time can be adjusted during the game
  • quick and easy to use with 29 programmed options

3. Yiju Count Up Down Timer Board Game

Yiju Count Up Down Timer Board Game is a digital chess clock having all the features of a normal digital chess clock plus the added features of being:

  • environmentally friendly
  • durable ABS plastic casing
  • press two buttons simultaneous to half the time for both players while in pause state
  • good for Chinese Chess, International Chess Game and all Board Games that require a timer

4. Dailymall PQ9903A Multifunctional Digital Chess Clock

Dailymall PQ9903A Multifunctional Digital Chess Clock is available for sale at a price of $93.99. Besides all the usual features of a regular digital chess clock this one has:

  • 29 programmed options just like LoveinDIY Portable Digital Chess Clock
  • preprogrammed and manual setting options
  • an electronic alarm
  • option of correcting the time during a game
  • good for Chinese Chess, International Chess, Gomoku and I-GO

All these features are more than a normal digital chess clock and if you buy Dailymall PQ9903A Multifunctional Digital Chess Clock over  LoveinDIY Portable Digital Chess Clock, you will save $7 because features are the same in both chess clocks.

5. Excalibur Game Time II Chess Timer

At $64.95, Excalibur Game Time II Chess Timer is the least expensive in our list of under $250 chess clocks. The only good thing besides the usual chess clock features we could find in this product are:

  • positive reviews of 50 plus
  • an overall 4-star rating
  • split second track of both players
  • a fancy design where buttons to switch between players is on the front instead of the usual top

That’s all in our list of top 5 recommended chess clocks priced under $250, if you are looking for products in all price ranges, check these chess clocks.

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