Best 4.0 Defenders in FPL

A 4.0 valued defender in FPL is usually a benchwarmer, similar to a 4.5m midfielder. However, it’s still possible to gain value from a player of such low cost.

Statistics can help, as well as knowledge about squad depth and team injuries.

Even gaining just 1 point from a player of this value can be seen as a success, but you can potentially get even more by selecting the best option.

The key is, instead of adding a random player to your team just because 15% of managers have chosen him—leading to a kind of domino effect where other managers also pick the same player without knowing much about him—it’s better to do a little research and take a chance on a player who is more likely to score 2 or more points.

This bit of research can boost your overall team and help you stand out globally among FPL managers.

Such a player will become your bench strength and will allow you to allocate extra funds to premium players.

In this article, I’ll be suggesting some of the top 4.0m defenders available in FPL, who have the potential to enhance your team. I’ll be updating the list as the season progresses, so keep an eye out for these budget-friendly 4.0 defensive options.

Here are the best 4.0 Defenders in FPL for the 2023-24 season:

1. Conor Bradley (Liverpool)

Bradley’s start of Premier League is a flyer. His FPL numbers are staggeringly good. Debuting against Bournemouth, Bradley provided an assist and in the next game scored a fantastic goal and provided 2 assists against Chelsea.

At his current price of 4.0 he is a steal of a deal. He is already transferred in by more than 0.7% managers and won’t stay at £4m price for too long.

2. Jan Paul van Hecke (Brighton)

Van Hecke is a guaranteed starter for Brighton because they don’t have many options in the defense. Apart from their four starting defenders, which include Milner (listed out of position in midfield in FPL), they only have Veltman, Lamptey, Webster, and Igor on the team.

Among these four, Veltman and Lamptey are right backs, both on the bench due to Milner playing in that position, and Igor is a left back, so they are not in direct competition with Van Hecke for a starting spot.

His primary competition for a place in the playing 11 is Adam Webster, a central defender who was in and out of the lineup last season and is currently just back from an injury.

Another advantage of Van Hecke is that he is not just a solid defender at the back; he is a complete football player.

Take a look at his overall game play in the video below. The 23-year-old Dutch player is a skilled central defender, an excellent passer of the ball, and capable of making forward runs. He can also score goals from set pieces and corners.

3. Malo Gusto (Chelsea)

Gusto will remain a starter for Chelsea as long as Reece James remains injured and out. It’s as simple as that!

Unfortunately for fans of James, he tends to suffer from injuries quite frequently. Last season, he played only 1,242 minutes, and in the season before that, he managed 1,863 minutes. That translates to over 1200 minutes of playing time for Gusto.

Since Gusto plays as a right back, this offers a double benefit. You can have him at 4.0m, and he can provide you with attacking returns, especially through assists from crosses.

Reece James has just recovered from injury and will be available for selection after the international break so be cautious in deciding whether you want to take a chance on Gusto or not.

4. George Baldock (Sheffield Utd)

While Sheffield United’s defense is not the most reliable, their right-back defender, George Baldock, is a starter.

He is almost guaranteed to play the full 90 minutes in every game, but considering Sheffield United’s poor performances in the opening games, the manager might shuffle the starting eleven with players currently on the bench.

5. Chris Basham (Sheffield Utd)

Chris Basham is another defender (center back) from Sheffield United, available at just 4.0m in FPL. He can play both the center-back and defensive midfield roles and is a regular starter for the team.

He was part of Sheffield United during their previous Premier League stint.

While you can consider both him and George Baldock from Sheffield United, in my opinion, if you are looking for a 4.0 defender, prioritize Van Hecke as your first choice due to his attacking threat from set pieces and corners.

Other 4.0 defenders who can get minutes:

1. Tariq Lamptey (Brighton)

Lamptey is mostly a bench warmer, but he does get minutes here and there in Premier League games.

His minutes on the pitch have not been consistent in previous seasons, so it wouldn’t be wise to prioritize him as a main 4.0 option.

You can put him on the watchlist, though, because he is young and could become a regular starter if there are injuries or if he performs well in cup games.

2. Mason Holgate (Everton)

Holgate experienced a decline in playing time last season, with only 506 minutes in the Premier League.

However, in previous seasons, he consistently played over 2000 minutes.

If he manages to regain his place in the manager’s priority list, he could become a valuable 4.0 option for FPL teams.

It is advisable to add him to your watchlist for now and monitor his situation for potential future inclusion in your team.

3. Calum Chambers (Aston Villa)

Chambers, who was once the first-choice center back for Arsenal, now plays for Aston Villa at the age of 28.

Currently, Mings and Konsa are the first-choice center backs for Aston Villa, while Alex Moreno faces fitness issues.

Chambers is next in line on the priority list, and if given the opportunity, he has the potential to secure a permanent spot in the starting lineup.

The reason Chambers is priced at 4.0 in FPL is mainly due to his limited playing time last season, accumulating only 345 minutes on the pitch.

However, if he receives more chances this season, his value as a budget defender could significantly increase.

Best 4.0 Defender FPL:

Van Hecke stands out as the best 4.0 defender in FPL for several reasons.

Firstly, he is a starter with not much competition from the bench. Secondly, Brighton’s limited squad depth in defense increases Van Hecke’s odds of remaining a regular in the starting 11.

Lastly, Van Hecke’s abilities to move forward, pass the ball between the opposition’s defensive lines, and score goals with headers are attributes that could one day elevate him to being one of the best attacking defenders in the Premier League.

Before you go…

While there are a few other 4.0 defenders like Amari’i Bell, Jordan Beyer, James Tomkins, and Mads Juel Andersen, I don’t suggest picking them for your FPL team.

These players either belong to promoted sides with no past experience of Premier League or are lower down the priority list in their respective teams.

Among them, James Tomkins might have the best chance to start. He used to play a lot and has more than 10 years of experience in the Premier League.

I’ll keep updating the list of 4.0 defenders in FPL.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts about the content, feel free to contact me on Twitter.

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