Boldly Play Chess With Best Star Trek Chess Set

If you’re a Star Trek fan or a chess lover, the Star Trek Chess Set may be just what you need to go on an interstellar chess adventure. With an impressive 4.6 out of 5-star rating based on over 220 ratings and 82% of them being 5-star reviews, this set brings the best of both worlds right to your tabletop.

Here’s why this chess set has become a fan favorite:

1. A Dream Come True for Star Trek Fans

One user shared their excitement, saying, “I have wanted one of these since it first appeared on Star Trek…but never had the cash when it was sporadically available.”

This set brings a dream to life for many Star Trek fans, as it mirrors the iconic 3-D chess set from the original series.

2. Sturdy, Quality Pieces and Boards

Users praised the build quality of the set, with one saying, “The Noble Collection reproduction is a bit smaller than the one shown on Star Trek: The Original Series, but in my opinion, that makes the game more playable as the board has a smaller footprint, fits in most settings, and doesn’t take up as much table space.”

The sturdiness and the snug fit of the attack boards also received positive mentions, making this set a practical choice.

3. Learn the Game of Three-Dimensional Chess

For those new to three-dimensional chess, there’s good news. The set comes with clear instructions and additional resources to help you get started. One user suggested having some prior knowledge of chess for a smoother transition, as this version has unique rules and dimensions. However, it’s all part of the fun, and it’s a great way to learn a new chess variant.

4. The Ideal Display Piece for Trekkies

Beyond gameplay, the Star Trek Chess Set has proven to be a fantastic display piece for Trekkies. “I ordered this for both traditional & non-traditional purposes. This is a great set that doesn’t disappoint, regardless of why you picked it up,” said one user.

The set is a unique and eye-catching addition to any Star Trek memorabilia collection.

5. A Perfect Fit for Any Setting

The set’s size and design received glowing reviews. One user mentioned, “The height is just right. The stand is metal, and the boards are a nice thickness plexiglass. The pieces are also metal and have a good weight to them.”

This makes it an excellent fit for coffee tables, desks, or display cases.

6. Great Customer Service and Affordability

One user praised Amazon’s pricing, stating, “As of August 7, 2023, Amazon has the best price on the internet.” They also mentioned that the set is reasonably priced, given the quality and uniqueness it offers.

7. Minor Concerns, but Overall Satisfaction

While some minor issues, like a cracked board or a piece being replaced, were mentioned, they didn’t deter users’ overall satisfaction. The set’s beauty, quality, and uniqueness outweighed any minor concerns.

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