Why Some People Hate Chess.com?

While many people enjoy using Chess.com for playing chess and improving their skills, there are some common reasons why others might dislike the platform. Let’s explore a few of these reasons:

1. User Interface and Experience

One of the primary complaints about Chess.com is its user interface. Some users find the website or app to be overwhelming or not very user-friendly. The abundance of features and options can be confusing for newcomers, making it less appealing for those who prefer a simpler and more intuitive interface.

2. Paid Memberships

Chess.com offers both free and paid memberships, with additional features and benefits for premium users. Some people dislike the limitations imposed on free accounts, such as restricted access to certain lessons or analysis tools.

This paywall can be a source of frustration for those who don’t want to invest in a premium subscription. They want everything to be free just like lichess.org

3. Advertisements

Free users on Chess.com may encounter advertisements on the website, which can be disruptive and detract from the chess experience. Some users dislike the frequency and intrusiveness of these ads, which can make the platform less enjoyable for them.

4. Cheating and Fair Play

Online chess platforms like Chess.com aim to maintain fair play and prevent cheating. However, some players feel that the anti-cheating measures can be overly strict, resulting in false bans or restrictions. On the other hand, there are also concerns about the effectiveness of these measures in truly preventing cheating.

5. Technical Issues

Like any online platform, Chess.com may experience technical glitches, such as server downtime or lag during games. These issues can frustrate users and lead to negative experiences, especially during critical moments in a match.

Why GothamChess hates Chess.com?

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