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A 4.5-valued FPL midfielder is usually a benchwarmer who completes your squad within the 100m budget. However, it’s still possible to gain some value from a player with such a low price.

Statistics can help, as can knowledge of squad depth and bench options for each Premier League team.

Anything more than 0 points from a player of such value is a winning scenario, but you can get even more out of them by choosing the right one for the squad.

The main point is, instead of putting a random player into your team, only because 15% of managers selected him, and due to some kind of domino effect other managers are also selecting that same player without knowing anything about him, it is better to do a little research and take a chance on a player who is more likely to score 2 or more points.

Such a player will increase your team’s value and give you points that are unexpected. He’ll be your bench strength.

In this blog, I am going to recommend some of the lower-valued 4.5m midfielders who can improve your FPL team. The list will be updated throughout the season.

Best 4.5m Midfielders FPL:

1. Pape Matar Sarr (Spurs)

This Spurs midfielder plays football with his brain. While his position in the starting 11 might not be cemented yet, there is a significant chance that after scoring the winning goal against Manchester United and assisting against Bournemouth, he will continue to feature in the starting 11.

Sarr is only 20 years old and demonstrates remarkable composure for his age when he carries the ball on the field. Check out some of his highlights in the video below:

2. Saša Lukić (Fulham)

Saša Lukić is a defensive midfielder who spent much of the last season warming the bench at Fulham FC 😀 He played a total of 406 minutes and scored 15 points.

While these stats may not be impressive, the positive aspect is that he got some good minutes early this season.

It’s highly unlikely to get any attacking returns from him but he is capable of doing that too looking at some of his game play below:

He is a player with a good technique but it will be foolish to expect wonders of attacking returns from it. For now even his minutes on the pitch are not guaranteed so it will be better to put him in the watchlist.

3. Carney Chukwuemeka (Chelsea)

It’s always a positive sight to find a player from a top team available at a price as low as 4.5m in FPL, and he’s also a starter.

Chukwuemeka currently holds a starting position for Chelsea, although it’s not guaranteed that he will remain a regular starter for the upcoming games.

He even scored against West Ham in gameweek 2. I suggest keeping an eye on his performances. If you’re in need of a 4.5m midfielder, he presents a very good option, especially considering Chelsea’s upcoming fixtures.

4. Marvelous Nakamba (Luton)

The Zimbabwean midfielder, Marvelous Nakamba, holds a starting position for Luton Town.

Considering his past record, the chances of him providing any attacking returns are almost none, but he does offer the assurance of being a guaranteed starter at a price of 4.5m.

Personally, I would prefer not to transfer him in.

I think till now Pape Matar Sarr of Spurs is the best 4.5 midfielder in FPL because he plays for a big team, is starting the games and is giving attacking returns.

Before you go…

Some other recommendations for 4.5 midfielders are Boubacar Traoré, Elliot Anderson, Carney Chukwuemeka, Ben Pearson Gustavo Scarpa, and Joe Hodge.

But all these players have problems like:

  • injury prone
  • old
  • get minutes once in a blue moon, or
  • not good enough for FPL because they are so down the pecking order that they might not get a minute in the whole league season.

Bissouma was the best FPL option in the £4.5m range in recent years but his value is now £5.0m. As the season progresses there will surely be options to consider…

I will keep updating the list throughout the season to help you maintain a strong team.

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