In modern football, having midfielders who can attack well is like having a team and a half.

These players pose various threats to the opposition, with their incredible passing vision, shooting ability, pace, and physicality, to name a few.

The Premier League, known for its high-intensity matches and fierce competition, boasts several standout midfielders renowned for their remarkable attacking abilities.

In this blog post, we will delve into a few of these exceptional players.

5 Best Attacking Midfielders in Premier League

1. Martin Ødegaard (Arsenal)

As one of the rising stars in world football, Martin Ødegaard has captured the attention of fans and pundits alike since joining Arsenal.

The Norwegian playmaker possesses exquisite ball control and an astute footballing brain, allowing him to orchestrate attacks and unlock defenses with precise passes.

Despite his young age, Ødegaard’s maturity on the ball and composure in high-pressure situations have made him an instant hit in the Premier League.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

Kevin De Bruyne is a football maestro, an architect of Manchester City’s mesmerizing attacking style.

As the club’s midfield talisman, De Bruyne’s passing precision and vision are second to none.

Whether it’s a perfectly weighted through ball or a pinpoint cross, the Belgian’s ability to split defenses open is a delight to watch.

Additionally, his proficiency from set-pieces and long-range strikes make him a complete attacking midfielder.

3. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Mohamed Salah’s explosive pace and lethal finishing have made him one of the most feared attacking midfielders in the Premier League.

Operating predominantly as a wide forward, Salah has showcased a remarkable ability to cut inside from the right wing and find the back of the net with unerring accuracy.

His goal-scoring exploits have earned him numerous individual accolades and have been instrumental in Liverpool’s recent successes.

4. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)

Marcus Rashford is an attacking midfielder who epitomizes flair and audacity on the football field.

Combining speed, dribbling ability, and a clinical eye for goal, Rashford has developed into a key player for Manchester United.

As a product of the club’s youth academy, his passion for the game and connection with the fans make him an adored figure at Old Trafford.

His performances have contributed significantly to United’s attacking potency in recent seasons.

5. Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur)

Son Heung-min is a dynamic attacking midfielder whose versatility and agility have caused headaches for opposition defenders.

Equally adept at playing as a winger or through the center, Son’s dribbling skills and clinical finishing have made him a crucial component of Tottenham’s attacking setup.

His telepathic understanding with Harry Kane has resulted in several memorable goals for the North London club.


The Premier League boasts a galaxy of attacking midfield stars, each possessing their own unique skill set and style of play.

Kevin De Bruyne’s pinpoint passing, Mohamed Salah’s goal-scoring prowess, Son Heung-min’s versatility, Martin Ødegaard’s mature playmaking, and Marcus Rashford’s flair all make them integral components of their respective teams.

As these remarkable players continue to dazzle football fans worldwide, they undoubtedly represent the epitome of attacking brilliance in the Premier League.

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