In Fantasy Premier League, you need goals and assists from your forwards to make points. That’s what forwards are supposed to do. And in that scenario looking for more than one budget forward won’t be a good idea.

In other positions except for the goalkeeper, it is compulsory to transfer in 5 players which makes it absolutely necessary to sign budget defenders and budget midfielders in the team so that you have a balanced side of 15 players on a 100m budget.

But in the forward line, there are only 3 players to be signed, so we must transfer in at least 2 proven goalscorers (I suggest Kane and Halland!).

And for the third player, there is a space for making a budget signing but for the sake of the role a forward player is expected to play, we have increased the minimum value of the budget forward from £5m to £7.0m.

So that the 3rd player you are going to choose is at least well capable of scoring the goals.

Below is the list of FPL Budget Forwards we will like you to consider for your team in the forward line:

6 Best Budget Forwards in FPL

1. Ivan Toney (Brentford)

  • FPL Price: £7.8m

Last season, in the Premier League, Ivan Toney scored 12 and assisted 5 goals. This season he has already scored 16 and assisted 4 goals in the opening 27 fixtures.

As a result, his FPL price has gone up from £7.0m to £7.8m.

We recommend signing Ivan Toney as a budget forward for the following reasons:

  1. Highest points scorer among players of his value.
  2. Favoring fixtures coming up.
  3. Selected by over 40.8% of managers. Not selecting him is risking a below-average game-week score.

Ivan Toney is also on our FPL bargains list because it is expected his price will only go up in the ongoing season.

2. Alexander Isak

  • FPL Price: £6.6m

Compared to the last season, Newcastle United is a much more balanced side both in defense and going forward.

They signed Alexander Isak for a club-record transfer fee of $70 million on 26 August 2022.

The player had an immediate impact!

We recommend signing Alexander Isak as a budget forward for the following reasons:

  • He has already scored 4 goals in the 531 minutes on the pitch. He was injured for a long time otherwise that impact would have been bigger.
  • Isak is in only 2.0% of the teams in FPL. Meaning that if like Brennan Johnson he scores goals in a game week it will be a huge advantage for your team compared to other managers.
  • Isak’s ownership is expected to go up because he is a player way more valuable than £6.6m.

With a good start in the Premier League, Alexander Isak for sure is a budget forward to keep an eye on.

3. Danny Ings (West Ham United)

  • FPL Price: £6.4m

Danny Ings is a player who once scored 22 goals in a Premier League season. He is a player well capable of repeating that performance again.

He recently moved from Aston Villa to West Ham United and with a new setup around expected to do better.

We are recommending Danny Ings as a budget forward for the following reasons:

  1. Proven goalscorer.
  2. Owned by only 1.6% of managers.
  3. Has already scored a brace in the new team.

4. Danny Welbeck (Brighton & Hove Albion)

  • FPL Price: £6.5m

We are recommending Welbeck over some of the other under-performing forwards because of several reasons:

  • He is getting minutes regularly.
  • Brighton is scoring goals from left, right, and middle, and Welback is yet to join that party.
  • If he scores goals in the weeks to come, it will be a huge advantage for managers who took a chance on him because his ownership is just 1.0%.

Last season in 1469 minutes on the pitch, Welbeck scored 6 and assisted 4 goals, accumulating 89 points throughout the season.

These numbers are not exceptional but Welbeck has experience playing for many big teams and is currently in an exciting attacking side so it’s totally worth it to try your luck by taking a chance on him.

5. Kelechi Iheanacho (Leicester City)

  • FPL Price: £6.1m

Iheanacho is owned by only 1.6% of FPL managers, which is very much understandable looking at his last season’s numbers and the start of this season.

He scored 4 and assisted 6 goals throughout the last campaign.

But he is a player much better than this. Iheanacho can 4x those numbers at least the goals if given time to play consistently.

He is one of the top Nigerian talents. Played for Manchester City and is still only 25 years old.

If he stays fit and plays anywhere around 2000 minutes, he is more than capable of scoring 200 points.

For now, you can put him on the watchlist because him starting ahead of Vardy, or Leicester City playing with 2 strikers is highly unlikely.

6. Aleksandar Mitrović

  • FPL Price: £6.7m

At the start of the season, it seemed like Fulham again will be a relegation-battling side.

But they do have a player up front who is not only keeping them alive in the league but also enabling them to shoot for a European spot.

Aleksandar Mitrović is currently the best player for value options in the FPL. A reliable goal scorer, who is on the scoresheet in almost every 2nd game.

If Fulham scores a goal, there is a high chance of it coming from the foot of Mitrović.

His price is currently £6.7m, which was £6.5m at the start of the season.

Mitrović is currently part of more than 15.9% of FPL teams, which indicates that managers are trusting him to be their 3rd striker in the team.

Best 4.5 Striker in FPL

The best options for a 4.5 striker in FPL are not that good. There are players like Sam Greenwood of Leeds United and Evan Ferguson of Brighton who have scored 27 and 36 points in the ongoing season.

But they are a risk to be added to the teams because their minutes on the pitch are not guaranteed.

Though you should keep tabs on Greenwood and keep him on your watchlist because Leeds United’s forward options are very limited and Greenwood could be your best option on a 4.5 budget.

They play with Bamford up front who was injured for most of the season last time around and they have sold Raphinha to Barca. So the attacking options are quite limited.

It will be interesting to see how Leeds lineup in their new setup of transferred-in and available players.

That’s all in FPL Budget Forwards, you can read more about Fantasy Football in the links provided below.

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