Can you use FPL chips in consecutive weeks?

Yes, you can use different FPL chips in consecutive weeks. However, the availability and rules differ for using same chip twice. Wildcard is the only single chip that can be used in consecutive gameweeks that too in only gameweek 19 and 20.

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers are always on the lookout for strategic advantages to gain an edge over their competition.

One aspect that often comes into question is the use of FPL chips in consecutive weeks.

In this article, we will explore the rules and limitations surrounding the four types of chips available in the game: wildcard, free hit, bench boost and triple captain.

Using FPL Chips Consecutively

The answer to whether you can use FPL chips in consecutive weeks is both yes and no, depending on the specific chip and its availability. Let’s break it down for each type of chip:

  1. Wildcard: Each FPL manager is granted two wildcards throughout the season. The first wildcard can be used during the first half of the season (Gameweeks 1-19), while the second wildcard is available for the second half of the season (Gameweeks 20-38). Technically, you can use the wildcard in consecutive weeks if you deploy it during Gameweek 19 and 20.
  2. Triple Captain, Free Hit, and Bench Boost: The triple captain, free hit, and bench boost chips are unique in that they can only be used once per season. This means you do not have the option to play them consecutively in consecutive weeks. However, it is possible to play these three chips one by one over three consecutive gameweeks. These chips provide a significant boost to your team for a single Gameweek, making it crucial to strategically plan their usage.

Here’s a history of how I used my chips last season:

The triple captain and wildcard used in GW37 and 38 were too late. I should have used them earlier to earn more points. Towards the end, the league title had already been decided, so it was a waste to triple captain Haaland in GW37 and then play the wildcard in GW38.

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