Understanding all aspects of the game can be challenging for a new Fantasy Premier League manager. Even seasoned campaigners can become confused at times, as there are elements of the game that can puzzle any manager.

In this blog post, we will provide guidance on some common FPL queries that can be confusing for new managers.

How to change formation in FPL?

Formation automatically gets changed when you pick a player from the bench and exchange him with someone on the team.

The rule is that you have to line up 1 goalkeeper, at least 3 defenders, at least 2 midfielders, and at least 1 forward into your playing 11.

As you make the transfers formation gets updated automatically.

Check out our detailed article on FPL formations.

What is a free hit in FPL?

“Free hit” is a chip like “wildcard” and “bench boost”.

The purpose of the free hit is to allow unlimited transfers for one game week, after which your team from the previous game week would be restored.

Check out our guide on how to play free hit in FPL.

Can you cheat on fantasy football?

There is no such glitch in the game. In your mini-leagues, if you have the password of your friend, you can cheat by making extra transfers in their team or looking at their team to plan yours but as such, there is no loophole in the game.

A few seasons ago, it was possible to see if the opponent has already made a transfer or not, but now even that hint is hidden.

How do you get unlimited transfers in Fantasy Premier League?

You are free to make as many transfers as you want, but there will be a penalty of -4 for every extra transfer, unless your wildcard is active.

Each season, you can activate the wildcard twice.

The first wildcard can be used at the beginning of the season, on any game week between game weeks 2 and 18, before the January winter transfer window.

The second wildcard can be activated on any game week after January, until the end of the season.

How do I get better at Fantasy Premier League?

Follow the best practices every top player is using in Fantasy Premier League. Create a balanced side, choose a popular in-form captain, and stick to a few captaincy options. Don’t experiment too much in transfers.

Use some of these tips to get better at Fantasy Premier League, and avoid common fantasy football mistakes.

What is the best fantasy football strategy?

There is only one best strategy in fantasy football, try to shoot for an above-average score in every game week and grab as many points as possible.

For it, you need a balanced side of budget players, superstars, and hidden gems. And try to stay lucky by not making any unnecessary or wishful experimental changes in the team.

Can I use free hit and bench boost together?

No, you can not use free hit and bench boost together. You can use only 1 chip in a game week.

Either use the free hit or bench boost. And use the other chip in some other game week.

A chip once used won’t be available again for the rest of the season.

Is fantasy football hard to play?

For a new manager, it can be confusing to grasp all the knowledge of fantasy football but if you have already played a season, it shouldn’t be hard to play anymore.

How do you win fantasy football?

You win fantasy football by scoring the highest points throughout the season or by winning the head-to-head cup that starts around game week 16. Besides that, there are prizes for the highest scorer in a game week and every month.

When can I pick my Fantasy Premier League team?

You can start picking your team in Fantasy Premier League from 3rd July 2023 onwards for the season 2023-24. Team pickings usually get accessible a month before the start of the Premier League season.

Is Premier League fantasy football free?

Yes, the Fantasy Premier League is free to play because of two reasons:

  1. All costs associated with it are covered through advertisements on the FPL website.
  2. It generates excitement and interest in people to watch Premier League games, even if a particular team or overall league is not liked by someone.

Are there any double Gameweeks?

Yes, there is more than 1 double game week in the 2nd half of the season.

Some matches get canceled due to Premier League teams playing in continental cups or because of them qualifying for the later stages of domestic cups.

Those missed games get rescheduled and counted as double-game week games.

Can I use wildcard and triple captain?

No you can’t use 2 chips in a single game week. Either use a wildcard or triple captain in a week and use the other chip later in some other game week.

How do I pick my Fantasy Premier League team?

On a budget of £100m, you have to choose a team of 15 players. 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 3 forwards.

Use this guide to pick your Fantasy Premier League team or watch this 6 minutes video below:

What does bench boost do in FPL?

Bench boost is a chip that helps you get points from all 15 players in the squad. In a normal game week, you get points from 11 players and if someone in starting lineup is not playing, a player from the bench jumps into the playing 11.

When should I use the FPL bench boost?

The best time to play an FPL bench boost is when there is a double game week.

Is fantasy football considered gambling?

Fantasy football is not gambling. Because there is no real money involved and a lot of football knowledge is required to pick the right players for your team.

Gambling usually has a luck factor more prominent than the knowledge factor.

How does fantasy football make money?

Fantasy football makes money from sponsorships. More than 10 million people are playing fantasy premier league and because of such huge traffic on the website, there are advertisers willing to sponsor them with ads.

Also, this game is a way to increase fan following of the Premier League globally. Even if someone doesn’t have a favorite team in the league, people watch Premier League games to keep track of their FPL players.

That’s a free fan following for English football.

What is a triple captain in FPL?

A triple captain is a chip that allows your captain to score triple of his original points in a fantasy premier league game week.

That triple can be both positive or negative depending on the performance of your captain.

Does bench boost include goalkeeper?

Yes, with a bench boost, you get points from both of your goalkeepers. You will receive points for all 15 players in your squad.

How do you qualify for FPL Cup?

A week before the start of the FPL cup, you have to qualify for the cup by finishing in the top 4,194,304 managers in that single game week.

FPL Cup is a knockout tournament from start to finish. With every passing game week, the number of FPL managers in the FPL Cup gets reduced to 50% and in the last game week of the league season, there is 1 winner.

Do bench players get points in Fantasy Premier League?

Yes, bench player(s) get points but only when the player(s) in playing 11 doesn’t get any minute in the game, or when the bench boost is activated. In that case, points of all 15 players in the squad get counted in the game week’s score.

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