Best Chess Set For Seniors – Muba Dubrovnik Wooden Chess Set

When it comes to choosing a chess set for seniors or anyone else, it’s important to note that the best option isn’t always the most expensive or heavily marketed one.

Certain quality features are essential, such as weighted pieces, a marked chess board, durability, internal storage, and standard size and shape of chess pieces.

However, there are specific qualities that are more important for seniors to play the game comfortably.

They are:

  • It’s easier for seniors to play on a chess set that is standard in size, measuring twenty-one inches long and twenty-one inches wide.
  • The king and queen sizes must be close to the standard size of 9.5 cm and 8.5 cm, respectively.
  • Bishops should be easily recognizable in shape and should not resemble the queen.
  • A wooden chess set is preferred for seniors since it’s the most widely used and is the standard of the world chess community.
  • Pieces should be white and black in color.

You can find all these qualities in the Muba Dubrovnik Wooden Chess Set 👇.

In the sections that follow, I will discuss the various quality features of the Muba Dubrovnik Wooden Chess Set, as well as customer experiences.

This review aims to provide you with useful insights that will aid your decision-making process.


The board measures 21.65″W x 1.18″H x 21.65″D. This is very close to the standard chess boards.

The squares are 2.24″x2.24″, which is also within the range of standard chess sets. This makes it easier for seniors to see and handle the pieces well.

It’s worth noting that the Muba Dubrovnik Wooden Chess Set’s board is made of wood and has an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The pieces are made of plastic but are of good quality and are around the size of standard chess pieces, measuring approximately 2 inches tall.

Additionally, the king’s height is 9.1 cm, which is close to the standard size of 9.5 cm. This feature ensures that the set remains consistent with the standard size of chess sets, providing senior players with a familiar and comfortable playing experience.

They are also weighted, which makes them feel more substantial in the hand.

The design of the pieces is classic simple and easy to recognize, which is important for seniors who may have difficulty with more intricate designs.

Build Quality:

The build quality of the chess set is good. The board is solid and well made, and the pieces feel sturdy in the hand.

The plastic pieces are well-crafted and have a nice finish. The chess set is also well-packaged and comes with a nice storage box for the pieces.


The chess set is easy to use for seniors. The large board and pieces make it easy to see and handle, and the design of the pieces is simple and easy to recognize.

The pieces are also weighted, which makes them feel more substantial in the hand.

Overall, this chess set is a great option for seniors who want a high-quality set that is easy to use.


The price of the chess set is reasonable and affordable. It offers a good value for the price and is better than similar chess sets on the market.

If you’re a Prime user than besides many other benefits on Amazon you can get a very good discount on purchase.

Customer Reviews:

The customer reviews for this chess set are generally positive. Many customers have praised the design, build quality, and overall usability of the set.

Some customer reviews also mentioned that the chess set is good value for the money. The product has a rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon with 56% of customers rating it 5 stars.

They also noted that the board is beautiful, the pieces are well-crafted and the weight of the pieces is good.

Summary of Prominent Features in Muba Dubrovnik Wooden Chess Set:

Board size21.65″W x 1.18″H x 21.65″D
Square size2.24″x2.24″
Pieces size2 inches tall
Pieces materialPlastic
Pieces weightWeighted
DesignSimple and easy to recognize
Build QualityGood
Storage boxIncluded
PriceReasonable and affordable
Customer ReviewsPositive
UsabilityEasy to use for seniors

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