Best Chess Sets under 200$

Are you looking for a good chess set with weighted pieces, durability, easy to carry, and a nice design? Well, you’re in the right place! You can get all these things for less than $200. Let’s explore some affordable and awesome chess sets together.

For a quick buy, check out this Jarilo Unique Wooden Chess Set. It’s the best chess set under 200 dollars in our list because of it’s beautiful design and durability of board and pieces.

3 of the 5 products we are going to recommend in this article have at least the following qualities:

  1. High-quality pieces that are both durable and weighted.
  2. Well-marked chess boards that are eligible for rated tournaments.
  3. Great design that will appeal to most people.
  4. Internal storage inside the chessboard so that it’s easier to keep the whole chess set together.

If you don’t need something as fancy, you can check out more budget-friendly options, such as $50 chess sets or our recommended list of the best chess sets under $100.

5 Best Chess Sets Under $200:

1. The Jarilo, Unique Wooden Chess Set

Rated 5 stars by 82% of buyers on amazon, the jarilo wooden chess set has over 800 ratings, which is good enough to prove the quality of the product.

Talking about specifics, the jarilo wooden chess set is all wooden material both the board and pieces.

The pieces are made of Hornbeam and Sycamore wood with felt bases at the bottom to protect both the board and pieces from any damage while moving them on the board.

King size is 4.3 inches which is prominent and awesome. The pieces are lightweight but they are weighted enough to play the game easily.

I will personally prefer the pieces to be a little heavier, but that’s just a personal choice, has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

2. Renaissance Knight Chess Set

Renaissance knight chess set is different from the usual chess sets made with wood. It has a glass surface and metal pieces.

This chess set is befitting for people looking to make a chess set part of their decorative home collection and photography while playing the game on the board.

It has a kind of antique touch you can get in the price range of just around 200 dollars.

Also, the quality of the product is top-notch, which is evident in the buyer reviews.

It’s a 4.7 starred product after 214 ratings. Surely one of the best chess sets under 200 dollars.

3. Golden Rosewood Chess Set

Design-wise, this golden rosewood chess set is one of the best budget chess sets!

Its pieces are wooden and well-weighted.

Both pieces and board have a classy shine that makes them unique from other chess sets in the same price range, and class apart. They are durable and long-lasting.

This chess set is my top recommendation if you are looking for a quality chess set both for at-home gameplay and tournaments.

The white pieces are made with Rosewood while the black pieces are made with Boxwood.

Both color pieces have a felt base to avoid any damage to pieces or the surface it moves on.

Ratings-wise, it’s a 4.6-starred product after more than 75 reviews.

A sure go-to chess set for price of 200 dollars and under.

4. Chess Genius Pro Chess Set

This chess set is somewhat unusual from what people are used to, but the electronic display and design of the board and pieces give it a unique shape.

Overall a 4.2 star rated product, this chess set is well within the range of 200 dollars budget, but worth the price after looking at buyers’ reviews.

Chess Genius PRO Electronic Chess set is rated a 5-star product by more than 60% of customers.

5. Roman Gladiators Chess Set

Roman Gladiators Chess Set is a well-designed, attractive chess set. The bronze and silver pieces, on a glass surface, gives it a unique shape.

It’s a Roman Gladiators-themed chess set good for keeping as a decoration and of course playing chess.

It’s a high-quality product, and in my opinion very good value for money.

The Pewter, Resin, Glass board, and on top of it the solid metal chess pieces are giving it a beautiful shape.

Most importantly, it’s a 4.6-star product after more than 160 buyer reviews.

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