How to Play Free Hit on Fantasy Football? – A Step by Step Guide

In Fantasy Premier League, the Free Hit is a special chip that you can use once a season. You may activate it anywhere between game week 2 and game week 38.

To play a Free Hit on Fantasy Football do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Transfers page.
  1. Do all your transfers and click on the “Make Transfers” button.
  1. Click the “Play Free Hit” button on the Confirm Transfers Pop-up page, and then click the “Confirm Transfers” button.

If you forget to click the ‘Play Free Hit’ button, don’t worry. You can go back to the transfers page, and the ‘Play Free Hit’ button will remain visible on the screen until the game week deadline.

You can activate free hit with or without doing anymore transfers.

Some Important Issues about Playing Free Hit in FPL:

1. What does free hit do in FPL?

The Free Hit is an FPL chip that you can use once per season to make unlimited transfers within a gameweek, just like the wildcard. However, these transfers won’t be permanent. Your team will revert to its previous state in the following gameweek.

For example, if you apply the Free Hit in gameweek 6, your team in gameweek 7 will revert to what it was in gameweek 5, and you’ll have the usual 1 free transfer available for gameweek 7.

2. How many free hits in FPL do you get a season?

You will get 1 free hit a season, that you can play anywhere between game week 2 and game week 38.

But not on the same game week in which you have activated wildcard or any other special chip like bench boost or triple captain.

3. Can I use free hit and bench boost together?

No, you can’t use free hit and bench boost together. You can use only 1 chip a game week. Either use a free hit or a bench boost. And use the other chip in some other game week.

4. Does free hit deduct points?

There is no deduction of points in a free hit on any number of transfers.

Free hit means you can make unlimited transfers in a game week but your squad will be reverted back to the previous game week team in the next game week.

5. What’s the difference between wildcard and free hit?

The main difference between the Free Hit and the Wildcard is that transfers made with the Wildcard are permanent, whereas Free Hit transfers are only applicable for one game week. Once that game week is over, your squad will revert back to its previous composition.

6. When should I use my free hit in fantasy football?

For a chance to score big in a game week, use free hit when teams are playing twice in a game week.

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