FPL Hidden Gems | Top 10 Ideas Fantasy Premier League Players to Pick

Every season, time and time again, we come across hidden gems in FPL, players like Mahrez, Kane, Lundstram, and Dele Alli, who offer excellent value in terms of points and are great choices for Fantasy Premier League.

These players are often either young talents making a big impact despite their low price, or their value was underestimated by the FPL offices. They were undervalued and have now become the stars of FPL to keep an eye on.

Hidden gems can also be players who had a poor season previously and had their FPL price reduced. However, they have the potential to bounce back and perform well in the new season.

In this blog post, we will delve into these players, using statistics to evaluate their potential performance in the upcoming Premier League season.

Top 10 FPL Hidden Gems:

1. Pervis Estupiñán (Brighton)

  • Price at the start of the season: £5.0m

With an ownership of more than 50% Estupiñán doesn’t sound like a hidden gem but he indeed is. He is yet to fully prove himself.

The only issue is that his performance will greatly get influenced by how Brighton performs overall.

They are one of the most exciting teams in the league, as demonstrated in their strong finish last season.

Even lesser-known players like Enciso and Ferguson showcased their abilities when given the chance, highlighting the team’s depth.

Estupiñán, however, stands out as a more regular player in the team.

Last season, he played a total of 2,674 minutes, scoring a goal and providing 7 assists. These contributions make him an appealing option for FPL managers.

Furthermore, Estupiñán is now more settled in the Premier League environment, which could positively impact his performance going forward.

With favorable fixtures in the first 3 gameweeks, he has a promising opportunity to accumulate points and establish himself as a valuable asset in FPL teams.

2. Jacob Ramsey (Aston Villa)

  • Price at the start of the season: £6.0m

Jacob Ramsey has the potential to be one of the top FPL hidden gems for the 2023-24 season.

Last season, he scored six goals and ended with 135 points while playing for Aston Villa, which is currently one of the most decent teams with all their basis covered with players that are more than good enough for the league.

I consider Ramsey a hidden gem due to his low ownership (2.3%) and his value in FPL (only £6.0m at start of the season). Also, his performance is also getting better each season.

The Villa midfielder has shown significant improvement in the last two seasons, with increased playing time, and he is clearly one of the manager’s favorites.

Ramsey is a young, energetic, and highly skilled player.

Aston Villa’s recent performance in the Premier League may not have been as impressive as the previous season, but this only enhances Ramsey’s appeal to FPL managers who are seeking to accumulate points in the upcoming weeks.

With better overall team performances Ramsey for sure can score big and get to 200 points in the season to come.

3. Danny Ings (West Ham United)

  • Price at the start of the season: £6.0m

Danny Ings is a hidden gem in FPL based on his past performances and potential for the upcoming season.

He has demonstrated his goal-scoring abilities in the Premier League before, having scored an impressive 22 goals in a single season.

This shows that he is more than capable of achieving similar success once again.

Having made a transfer from Aston Villa to West Ham United last season, Ings now finds himself in a new team setup.

With a fresh environment and potentially improved support around him, it is expected that he will perform even better.

With a price of just £6.0m Danny Ings is also part of our budget forwards list.

4. Bernd Leno (Fulham)

  • Price at the start of the season: £4.5m

Fulham is not a team known for their defensive strength but their keeper Leno still kept 8 clean sheets last season and finished 6th top scoring goal keeper in FPL.

With 11% ownership he is one the most in demand keepers in the league maybe because of the .5 getting saved in transferring him in.

If you want to rotate between 2 keepers, he can be your great option.

Leno scored 142 points last season.

5. Mason Mount (Manchester United)

  • Price at the start of the season: £7.0m

The English international midfielder was getting better and better every season at Chelsea until the last season where he scored only 82 points in FPL.

He was mostly on bench and as a result, his price went down from £8.0m to £7.0m but that’s a good news for FPL managers because now his club is changed and it could be a great change of luck.

With such an average price, Mason Mount can be an absolute gem of a player to have.

A player who has already scored a hat-trick in the league, and getting better with numbers each season is a bargain at such a low price.

Last season he scored 3 and assisted 4 times in the league but in the season before those numbers were 11 goals and 11 assists.

He can easily score 10+ in a season and provide lots of assists. A good enough idea of a gem player to have on the watchlist at least.

6. Marc Cucurella (Chelsea)

  • Price at the start of the season: £5.0m

The upcoming season will be Marc Cucurella’s 3rd in the Premier League but 2nd with Chelsea.

He scored and assisted 1 each in his 1st season with Brighton and grabbed an overall of 126 points in the FPL, which doesn’t look very impressive, but he was Brighton’s player of the season.

They finished 9th in the league, which is an achievement on its own for a club of that stature.

Cucurella and Trossard were the main engines of the team, and the Spaniard (Catalan to be precise!) is yet to show his prime best.

That 1st season was more of a settling down season. He had issues with language and culture, but even then he ended the season as the best player on the team.

Chelsea now defensively is a strong Premier League side, and with the offensive threat Cucurella can cause, he certainly is one of the FPL hidden gems.

Marc Cucurella is FC Barcelona’s academy graduate. He plays at left-back and has got all the flavors of going forward and helping the team in attack.

7. Miguel Almiron (Newcastle United)

  • Price at the start of the season: £6.5m

Miguel Almiron has the potential to be a breakout player in the upcoming season. With a price of just £6.5m at the start of the season, he presents an excellent value for FPL managers.

Last season, he showcased his attacking prowess by scoring 11 goals and providing 4 assists in 2,487 minutes of play.

Unfortunately, Almiron’s performance was hindered by an injury towards the end of the season, which prevented him from further demonstrating his red-hot form.

However, if he can maintain his fitness and form, he has the capability to accumulate over 200 points in FPL.

Moreover, considering the strength and balance that Newcastle United displayed last season, Almiron has a favorable environment to showcase his talents and have a breakout season.

With his attacking abilities and the potential for consistent goal involvements, Almiron should be on the radar of FPL managers seeking a potential hidden gem for the 2023-24 season.


That’s all in FPL hidden gems, I will keep updating the list throughout the season.

There will be many more hidden gem players as the league starts and progresses.

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