Top 10 Fantasy Football Ideas to Finish Top 5% Globally

There are several fantasy football ideas that after you read them will sound common sense but majority of managers don’t know them.

Whether you’re a seasoned manager or new to the game, these practical ideas will give you the edge you need to finish among the top 5% globally.

So get ready to take your team to the next level!

Top 10 Fantasy Football Ideas:

1. You can’t have all the Top Players on your Team

The budget is limited (£100.0m) at the start of the season.

Trying to include too many top players in your squad will leave insufficient funds to complete a team of 15 players, which is essential.

A good idea is to select 3 to 4 top players for your team. Pick budget defenders (at least 2), budget midfielders (at least 2), and budget forward (at least 1).

Select either 1 top goalkeeper or 2 starting keepers from mid-table teams and rotate them based on fixtures’ difficulty and overall keeper and team’s form.

If you are going with 1 top keeper, transfer in Ederson or Allison, they are the clean sheet sponges, and alone enough to balance your playing 11.

These are the basics of team selection.

You can sign the rest of the players in the mid-price range easily and line up a team that is already ahead of half of the managers even if you don’t make any significant changes for a few weeks.

2. Choose your Captain wisely

Captain’s points in FPL are worth 2 players, as whatever he scores gets doubled, even if the points are negative.

The best approach for captaincy choices is to limit your options to 3 to 4 players.

While some managers experiment with a new captain every game week, and others stick with the same captain throughout the season, both of these approaches are unfavorable.

It’s also advisable to avoid relying on unreliable goalscorers like Teemu Pukki or Alexander Mitrovic.

They may score 10-15 goals in a season but often act as distractions, delivering inconsistent performances that can harm your team’s overall score in subsequent game weeks when you transfer them in or make them the captain.

Furthermore, it is generally not recommended to assign defenders as captains, unless it’s a double game week or the defender is an exceptionally offensive player, such as Trent Alexander Arnold.

3. Don’t Transfer in All your Favorite Players

It’s natural to have a favorite Premier League side and players you dislike. However, it’s essential to set personal biases aside and make strategic decisions when it comes to transfers.

Even if certain players belong to rival teams, it’s important to recognize their value, especially when they are in top form and widely owned by managers.

Refusing to sign players like Salah, Haaland, or Harry Kane solely because they play for rival teams puts you at a disadvantage against approximately 90% of managers.

Therefore, the key fantasy football idea here is to avoid letting personal preferences guide your choices.

Instead, focus on bringing in players based on their merit and performance.

4. Stats matter

While statistics may not be the sole determinant of success, they provide valuable insights for managing your FPL team.

When logged into your FPL account, you have access to a wide array of statistical information.

It is highly recommended to make use of these resources, as every detail about teams and players can be significant.

However, FPL stats are not the only ones you can rely on.

Following OfficialFPL on Twitter is an excellent way to stay updated on teams’ and players’ performance metrics.

Keep an eye on their insights and you will get many valuable fantasy football ideas that are hard to figure out on your own.

They have a team dedicated to finding the kind of stats that an FPL manager won’t be able to find by himself.

5. Decision on Wildcard

It is always a good idea to use your 1st wildcard early in the season if your team didn’t click in a game week or 2.

If you are unable to score anything significant in 1st few game weeks, don’t hold on to your wildcard. Use it early and fix your team before total damage is done.

You will get a 2nd wildcard after January anyway, so why hold on to it for so long?

Though this can’t be said about all FPL chips. e.g. you only have 1 triple captain chip for the whole season, better use it in a double game week.

The main point is that a wildcard is only valuable when you use it at the right time of need, and that time can be as early as game week 2. There is no problem in using it so early.

6. Don’t invest too much in Defense

If relying on defenders in FPL is your main strategy, it is always bound to fail.

Invest heavily in midfielders and forwards. They are the actual points scorers and their points are not in danger of getting canceled if your team concedes a goal.

Plus, it’s a guarantee, that in 90% of game weeks, the top scorer is a midfielder or a forward. So rely on your defenders as little as possible.

And always transfer in defenders who can generate some offensive threat.

7. You can still take a Risk

Calculated risks are safe, you can always take them.

If a player is in top form, fixture difficulty won’t matter. But it doesn’t mean giving the armband to Mitrovic against Manchester City.

Players like Salah, Haaland, Kane, and DeBruyne when they are in top form can be captained against any team home or away.

The fantasy football idea here is that do check who you are trusting on? is that player and his team worth gambling the armband on?

The number of hints is always there to influence your gut feeling, just make sure that your decisions are not emotional but rather based on logic.

For example, Harry Kane can do it both at home and away against Chelsea but against Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal you have to look at the situation.

Salah or Haaland when in top goal-scoring form can perform against all 19 teams home and away.

8. Be a Good Trader

Always manage your team budget very well. You’ll be a good trader in FPL if you can take care of the following things:

  • Use funds cleverly – Initial budget is always £100m, but the way you spend the budget on players will decide the future value of your team. The target is not only to increase the team value but also to score lots of points. And it is only possible with a mix of budget players, bargains, and top players on the team. Budget and bargain players are the ones who cost less but have the potential to score big.
  • Keep the bench cost minimum – Don’t transfer in expensive players just to put them on the bench for the next game week. Make sure that your team is ready to fight the upcoming game week, not the next one. Only during periods like Christmas or season end, when there are double game weeks you can start buying players in advance so that you can line up a strong double game week team.
  • Find bargains – keep an eye on in-form players. There are some players who score a lot during certain months e.g. Harry Kane starts scoring after 1st month of the league season or Son towards the end of the season. Keep an eye on those patterns and choose players for occasions. Also, you can target some players based on their upcoming fixtures, like keeping 3 to 5 upcoming games of your players in the sight.

9. Learn from the best

You can’t figure out everything on your own just by looking at stats and upcoming fixtures.

Fantasy Premier League has a Twitter page and many other platforms like The Scout. You can keep an eye on their news and the latest reports related to FPL.

It will help you a lot in making the team better. Their experts are doing a phenomenal job in digging the most relevant and useful data for players and clubs that can be really useful in making your team better.

10. Embrace the bookies

One way to generate your own fantasy football ideas is to keep an eye on the odds. Bookies are very knowledgeable people. They splash the cash only after checking the most possible odds.

But they trick you by making things exciting. Do have a check on what they are asking people to bet on.

If they are asking people to bet on a player scoring a goal or keeping a clean sheet or being the next player to score or assist, that surely is a trap and you have to be clever in the selection of that player to your team.

If they are asking to bet on a hat-trick, it means the player is favorable to have on your team and has the odds of at least scoring a goal.

Also, if it’s a team bet and they are asking people to bet on Man City or Liverpool or Chelsea to score 5 in a game, there surely are goals in the game.

You need to activate your thinking mind on every bet and convert those hints into your Fantasy Premier League team improvement.


That’s all in our Top 10 Fantasy Football Ideas. If you liked reading them and found value in it, then please do share it on your social media.

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