Best FPL Bargains For 2023-24 Season

Many FPL managers mix up between FPL budget players and FPL bargains. Some even use these terms interchangeably, which is not a big issue because most qualities of budget players and bargain players are similar.

But if you know the difference, it will for sure help you a lot in managing your teams better!

A low-priced player who starts regularly is a budget player in FPL.

I’ve listed the best budget players for each position in the links below (will update them throughout the season):

Now a bargain player is different from a budget player.

Qualities that make a player an absolute bargain in FPL are:

  1. They are undervalued.
  2. Their price is sure to go up as the season progresses.
  3. The 1st two qualities mean they will do really well in terms of points throughout the season.

In this blog, based on data and some other analysis, I’m going to recommend the top 10 bargains of FPL for the season 2023-24. Don’t be surprised if you see some expensive names on the list.

TOP Fantasy Premier League Bargains:

1. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

  • Price at the start of the season: £8.5m
  • Position: Midfielder

I’m not a big fan of Man United midfielder but his price coming down from £11.5m to £8.5m is a huge bargain.

Bruno Fernandes is a consistent goals and assists scorer. He is on top of priority list when it comes to taking penalties and he is a player who can score 200+ points in FPL for fun.

The upcoming season will be his 4th in the league and Bruno never scored less than 117 points, not forgetting that he came in January transfer window that season!

His peak was 2020/21 season when he scored 18 goals provided 14 assisted and scored a massive 244 points.

He can easily repeat that feat! or even improve it.

2. Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal)

  • Price at the start of the season: £8.0m
  • Position: Midfielder

Gabriel Martinelli is another strong candidate who can be the best bargain player in FPL.

Despite his price of £8.0m at the start of the season, it seems relatively low when considering the number of goals and assists he scored last season.

Last season, Martinelli began with a price of £6.0m and ended up as the top point scorer in his price category. Even at his current price of £8.0m, he still holds the record of being the top point scorer from last season.

While his price has already seen a significant increase, it is likely to continue rising as more recognition is gained for his impressive performances.

FPL managers seeking a bargain player who can consistently contribute points throughout the season should strongly consider Gabriel Martinelli as one of the top options.

3. James Maddison (Spurs)

  • Price at the start of the season: £7.5m
  • Position: Goalkeeper

James Maddison is a fantastic bargain player to consider for the 2023-24 season, especially given his move from Leicester to a more attacking side of Spurs.

With his new team, Maddison now has the opportunity to showcase his skills in an even stronger attacking lineup.

Priced at just 7.5m, Maddison has the potential to be a tremendous value pick.

His abilities on the field make him a player of higher value, and he is more than capable of accumulating around 200 points over the course of the season.

Additionally, as an English international, Maddison brings both quality and experience to his game, further enhancing his potential impact.

In his best season to date, 2021/22, Maddison recorded an impressive 181 points, scoring 12 goals and providing 11 assists.

These numbers highlight his ability to contribute significantly to his team’s attacking output.

With his skill set, track record, and the potential for even greater performances at Spurs, James Maddison is undoubtedly an exceptional bargain player to consider for FPL managers in the upcoming season.

4. Alexander Isak (Newcastle United)

  • Price at the start of the season: £7.5m
  • Position: Forward

Alexander Isak has the potential to be a bargain player for the 2023-24 season because of the overall setup Newcastle United has.

The team has become much more balanced both defensively and in their attacking play since last year.

They broke their club transfer record by signing Isak for a substantial fee of $70 million in August 2022.

The player made an immediate impact despite facing injury setbacks.

In just 1520 minutes on the pitch, Isak managed to score 10 goals and provided 2 assists. If he had been fit for a longer period, his influence would have likely been even greater.

Currently, Isak is only selected by 12.5% of teams in FPL, making him a relatively low-owned player.

This means that if he finds the back of the net in a given game week, it can provide a significant advantage for your team over other managers.

With his impressive performances and potential for further growth, it is expected that Isak’s ownership will rise as more managers recognize his value.

As such, Alexander Isak is undoubtedly a bargain forward worth keeping a close eye on for the upcoming season.

5. Gabriel (Arsenal)

  • Price at the start of the season: £5.0m
  • Position: Defender

Gabriel has established himself as a dependable points scorer for FPL managers, earning a total of 146 points, the highest among players in his price range last season.

Clean sheets and bonus points were the primary contributors to Gabriel’s point tally.

Despite playing as a defender, he even managed to score 3 goals, adding an attacking threat to his game.

As the Arsenal team strengthens and improves for the upcoming season, his chances of keeping clean sheets and earning additional bonuses are expected to increase.

This makes him an even more appealing option for FPL managers looking for reliable point sources in their defense.

6. David Raya Martin (Brentford)

  • Price at the start of the season: £4.5m
  • Position: Goalkeeper

David Raya is an exceptional bargain player for the 2023-24 season, based on his remarkable performance in the last season.

There are several reasons why Raya is a recommended bargain goalkeeper option.

Firstly, he was the highest points scorer among all goalkeepers last season, demonstrating his ability to consistently earn valuable points.

Additionally, Raya holds the league record for the most saves, with an impressive total of 154 saves.

This showcases his shot-stopping ability and the potential for earning additional points through saves and clean sheets.

Moreover, Raya’s favorable starting fixtures further enhance his appeal as a reliable choice for upcoming matches.

With an average of 4.4 points per game, he has proven to be a consistent and valuable asset to any fantasy team.

Considering his impressive track record and the potential for continued success, David Raya is undoubtedly a fantastic bargain goalkeeper option for the 2023-24 season.

7. Ivan Toney (Brentford)

  • Price at the start of the season: £8.0m
  • Position: Forward

Toney is suspended until January 17th because of betting issues.

Once he becomes available again, he should be at the top of your priority list at least as a budget forward.

Although his current price is £8.0m, which may seem high for a budget forward, it is important to note that his price is likely to decrease during his absence from playing.

This makes him an even more attractive option in terms of value.

In the previous Premier League season, Toney demonstrated his goal-scoring prowess by netting an impressive 20 goals and providing 4 assists.

These stellar performances resulted in an increase in his FPL price from £7.0m to £7.8m.

Considering that Toney was the highest points scorer among players with a similar value, it further highlights his potential of a bargain forward.

With the anticipation of his price only rising once he returns to action, Ivan Toney is certainly a player worth considering for FPL managers looking for a bargain option.

8. Eric Dier (Spurs)

  • Price at the start of the season: £4.5m
  • Position: Defender

Eric Dier is undeniably a bargain player in Fantasy Premier League with his low price of 4.5.

Despite his affordable value, Dier is a consistent starter for his team and has the ability to contribute to both defensive and offensive aspects of the game.

In the previous season, he showcased his goal-scoring prowess by finding the back of the net twice and providing one assist.

With 9 clean sheets to his name, Dier accumulated a respectable total of 96 points.

Although his overall score from the previous season may seem relatively low, it is important to consider Dier’s previous performances.

In the season prior, he amassed an impressive 132 points, highlighting his potential to be a valuable asset.

Furthermore, Dier’s versatility adds to his appeal as he occasionally takes freekicks in the absence of Harry Kane and can even be deployed in a midfield role when needed.

With his experience and ability to contribute across different areas of the pitch, Eric Dier has the potential to provide excellent value for FPL managers at his affordable price.

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