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In the last few seasons, the goalkeeper position has become less of a concern for FPL managers. You can transfer in Ederson or a goalkeeper from defensively strong sides like Newcastle United or Brentford, and your team will be set for most of the season.

However, this doesn’t mean that other goalkeepers are useless. You can save budget even in this part of defense while scoring more points if you are good at rotating between two decent ones.

To make your team stand out, it is necessary to spend the available budget in the most cost-effective manner.

Just like budget defenders, midfielders, and forwards, budget goalkeepers also come in handy.

Below is my recommended list of 5 budget goalkeepers that you can consider for your FPL team. I will keep updating the list throughout the season.

5 Best Budget Goalkeepers in FPL:

1. Alphonse Areola (West Ham United)

  • Price: £4.2m

Alphonso Areola of West Ham United has firmly established himself as one of the premier budget goalkeepers in FPL this season.

With an attractive initial price tag of just £4.0m, he not only provided an economical solution for FPL managers but also showed reliability as a starting keeper.

Areola’s consistent performances made him an excellent choice for managers looking to maximize their points potential without breaking the bank.

He is currently the most selected player ( part of more than 36.7% teams ) among all FPL shot stoppers, which speaks volumes about the confidence and trust FPL managers have in his ability to deliver value and secure points for their teams throughout the season.

His price due to great performances has gone up from 4.0 to 4.2 in the ongoing season.

2. André Onana (Man Utd)

  • Price: £4.8m

André Onana is currently the 7th most selected goalkeeper in FPL but in terms of points he is at 4th.

This is his first season in the Premier League, and he is already feeling the heat of it. Looking at his performances from last season for Inter Milan suggest that there is a lot of points potential in having Onana in your team.

The Cameroonian played in the UEFA Champions League final with Inter Milan last season, which they unfortunately lost to the mighty Manchester City, but now he is their city rival at United.

He is a complete package, capable of distributing the ball well with his accurate passes.

3. Martin Dubravka (Newcastle United)

  • Price: £4.2m

Newcastle United is defensively one of the strongest sides in the Premier League.

They conceded just 32 goals last season, and their shot stopper, Nick Pope, had to stop only 87 shots on target.

Currently Pope is injured and in place of him Newcastle United are playing with Martin Dubravka, available in only £4.2m, which is a steal of a price for a goalkeeper from a team like Newcastle United.

Pope was the most expensive among all goalkeepers and Dubravka is the opposite of it, a total bargain.

4. Emiliano Martínez (Aston Villa)

  • Price: £5.2m

You might be wondering why a Villa keeper, but believe me, Emiliano Martínez can earn you lots of points in FPL.

They didn’t had a good start to the season, but as the season progressed they took on pace and currently are in Champions League running.

It’s good that they received an early wake-up call from Newcastle United. Their run of fixtures from there on was favorable, and Villa took full advantage of it.

Recently they had a few odd results but they are still in 4th spot and Emiliano Martinez is one of the best shot-stoppers in the world.

It’s football—anything can happen. He might fail miserably from here on if Aston Villa starts making errors in defense, but risk is a part of the game, and having Martinez is worth the bet.

5. David Raya Martin (Arsenal)

  • Price: £5.0m

Things are very confusing for FPL managers when selecting an Arsenal keeper in the team

Ramsdale was a regular last season, but they have signed Raya from Brentford, who is now the #1 for Premier League.

If he stays 1st choice, looking at his numbers at Brentford, he surely is one of the best.

Best 4m Goalkeeper in FPL:

It has to be one of either Areola of West Ham or Turner of Nottingham Forest. They are both currently starters and were initially priced at 4m in FPL.

I think Turner of Nottingham Forest is a valid option because his price tag currently is lower than 4m i.e. 3.9m, and Areola’s price tag has gone up to 4.2 so Turner currently is the only starter and best keeper in 4m price.

PS: If you are looking for defenders in 4m range, there are several in our updated list.

Best 4.5 Goalkeeper FPL:

Jordan Pickford is by far the best 4.5m goalkeeper in FPL. He has the best stats among all keepers in his price range and currently he is the 2nd best in terms of points (77) among keepers in all price ranges.

Some other good options for a 4.5m goalkeeper include Alphonse Areola of West Ham United, James Trafford of Burnley, and Sam Johnstone of Crystal Palace.

Among them, I recommend transferring Alphonse Areola of West Ham United into your team.


That’s all in FPL budget goalkeepers. Personally, I prefer 1 solid keeper for the team, for the sole reason that I don’t want to get confused between 2 good ones every game week.

And keeper prices are not that high anyway so it’s not a thing to worry about.

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