In the last few seasons, the goalkeeper spot has become less of a concern for FPL managers. Transfer in Ederson or a goalkeeper from a midtable team like Newcastle United or Wolves, and your team is good to go for most part of the season.

But it doesn’t mean other goalkeepers are useless.

You can save budget even in this part of defense! All while scoring more points if you are good at rotating between 2 keepers.

To make your team stand out, it is necessary to spend the available budget in the most cost-effective manner, and this is where much like budget defenders, midfielders, and forwards, the budget goalkeepers also come in handy.

Below is our recommended list of 5 budget goalkeepers that you can consider for your FPL teams. We will keep updating the list throughout the season.

5 Best Budget Goalkeepers FPL:

1. David Raya Martin (Brentford)

Season starting Price: £4.5m

Raya currently is the best goalkeeper in Fantasy Premier League. The Brentford keeper has got some phenomenal numbers in the ongoing season.

We are recommending Raya as a budget goalkeeper for the following reasons:

  • Raya is currently the highest points scorer among all keepers.
  • With an impressive 108 saves under his belt, he holds the record for the most saves in the league.
  • His upcoming fixtures look favorable, making him a reliable choice for future matches.
  • At just £4.8m, Raya’s current value is affordable for those on a budget.
  • With an average of 4.4 points per game, Raya proves to be a consistent and valuable asset to any fantasy team.

2. Nick Pope (Newcastle United)

  • Season starting Price: £5.0m

More than 1 out of every 5 managers currently has Nick Pope in their FPL teams. His overall ownership is 21.3%, and is expected to rise because of the following reasons:

  • Pope is a proven world-class goalkeeper who plays for the defensively strong team Newcastle United.
  • He is currently averaging over 4 points per game, making him a consistent performer in the Premier League
  • With a run of upcoming fixtures in his favor, Pope is likely to continue earning points.
  • He is currently the 3rd top-scoring goalkeeper in FPL.
  • He has only conceded 19 goals so far, the least among all regular goalkeepers in the Premier League.

These stats indicate that you can rely solely on Pope for the upcoming game weeks.

3. Emiliano Martínez (Aston Villa)

  • Season starting Price: £5.0m

Aston Villa may not be the most exciting mid-table team this season, but their Argentine international goalkeeper, Emiliano Martínez, is one of their hottest properties.

Despite his career taking off a bit late, Martínez’s heroics in the World Cup final against France helped Argentina win the world cup.

During his first season at Aston Villa, Martínez was valued at £4.0m in FPL, and no one expected him to start, but he did start and scored 129 points registering 11 clean sheets.

We are recommending Emiliano Martínez as a budget goalkeeper for the following reasons:

  • He is one of the best goalkeepers from South America, maybe 3rd best after Ederson and Allison.
  • Aston Villa’s upcoming run of fixtures is easier, with a maximum fixture difficulty of 3 between game week 29 and 33.
  • Martínez consistently plays for 3000+ minutes a season, making him a reliable player for your fantasy team.
  • With only 32 goals conceded, Martínez’s performance is among the best among regular goalkeepers.

4. Aaron Ramsdale (Arsenal)

  • Season starting Price: £5.0m

4th on our list of FPL budget goalkeepers is Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale.

His ownership is currently nearing 12% and last season Ramsdale finished 7th among top-scoring goalkeepers.

We recommend Ramsdale for the following reasons:

  • Arsenal’s team is better and stronger than last season, which means more time attacking and less time worrying about defense.
  • Ramsdale is currently at 12 clean sheets which is the highest in the league.
  • His team Arsenal is currently top of the table playing their best football in a decade.

5. Robert Sanchez (Brighton & Hove Albion)

  • Season starting Price: £4.5m

Robert Sanchez has been in good form this season for Brighton & Hove Albion in the English Premier League.

We are recommending him as a budget goalkeeper for the following reasons:

  • Priced at just £4.6m currently.
  • He is averaging 3.7 points per game, which is good if you want to rely on 2 average keepers instead of 1 very good one.
  • More than 10% ownership indicates FPL managers are trusting him for their teams.

Best 4m Goalkeeper FPL:

There are players you can pick and hope they will start when it comes to 4m defenders in fpl, but in the goalkeeper spot, there is almost no chance.

None of the 4.0 goalkeepers are currently 1st choice starters in any Premier League team.

Though there is a slight hope Fraser Forster might become a starter at Spurs in some games.

But that chance is also very slight in the presence of world-class goalkeepers like Hugo Lloris in the team.

Tottenham signed Fraser Foster on 8th June 2022 on a free transfer. Most likely he’ll be the backup to start in a few cup games or in case Lloris gets injured.

But don’t attach any hope from him right from the start of the league. He played 1710 minutes last season for Southampton in the Premier League but here he is a backup.

Other than Fraser Foster, 4.0 goalkeepers like Karl Darlow, Asmir Begović, and Caoimhin Kelleher also had minutes in Premier League last season, but they hardly played only 720, 270, and 180 minutes throughout the 38 games campaign.

So for now there is no trustworthy option to start among 4.0 goalkeepers in FPL.

Best 4.5 Goalkeeper FPL:

David Raya by far is the best 4.5 goalkeeper in FPL. He had the 2nd best stats among all 4.5 goalkeepers in FPL last season.

Raya kept 8 clean sheets in 2160 minutes on the pitch last season. And he is the guaranteed starting goalkeeper of Brentford in the league.

Some other good options for a 4.5 goalkeeper are Robert Sánchez of Brighton, Vicente Guaita of Crystal Palace, and Jordan Pickford of Everton.

Among them, we recommend transferring in Raya of Brentford into your teams because not only he is a better 4.5 goalkeeper among all statistically but also he plays for a team that is one of the most solid in the league when it comes to defense.

Raya currently is the top-scoring goalkeeper overall in FPL and has already kept 9 clean sheets in the league.


That’s all in FPL budget goalkeepers. Personally, I prefer 1 solid keeper for the team, for the sole reason that I don’t want to get confused between 2 good ones every game week.

And keeper prices are not that high anyway so it’s not a thing to worry about.

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