5 Potential FPL Breakouts for Season 2023-24

When it comes to identifying breakout players in FPL, it’s not always easy to spot the clear signs.

Managers often find themselves uncertain about whether to sign a new player or not.

Unknown players like Mahrez, Kane, Lundstram, Michu, and Dele Alli have emerged out of nowhere and delivered outstanding performances in their first full season in the Premier League.

Initially, their performances may seem like lucky flukes, and by the time you consider transferring them into your team, they have already become popular choices among more than 50% of managers, resulting in increased FPL prices.

So, how can you avoid missing out on these breakout players?

The key is to analyze the data. There are different types of breakout players. Some players show consistent improvement season by season, while others may have had a rough season but have the potential to make a strong comeback.

Not every breakout player is a one-season wonder or a half-season wonder.

Some players steadily progress, while others experience a temporary decline before bouncing back.

The good news is that there are always multiple breakout players each season.

Some may require your intuition to spot them early (like Mahrez, Kane, Lundstram, Michu, and Dele Alli), while others can be identified through data analysis.

In this blog, we will recommend five potential breakout players for the 2023-24 FPL season who fall into the second category.

5 Potential FPL Breakout Players:

1. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

  • Price at the start of the season: £8.5m
  • Position: Midfielder

Bruno Fernandes has the potential to be a breakout player in the 2023-24 season for multiple reasons.

His reduced price from £11.5m to £8.5m makes him one of the top bargains for FPL managers.

Bruno has consistently shown his ability to score goals and provide assists, making him a valuable asset to any fantasy team.

He is the top priority for penalty-taking duties at Manchester United, giving him a strong chance of accumulating points through spot-kicks.

Throughout his previous three seasons in the Premier League, Fernandes has never scored fewer than 117 points, even considering that he joined midway through the season in that year.

His standout season was in 2020/21 when he recorded 18 goals, 14 assists, and an impressive total of 244 points.

With his proven track record, there is a high possibility that Bruno Fernandes can replicate or even surpass this outstanding performance in the upcoming season.

2. Jacob Ramsey (Aston Villa)

  • Price at the start of the season: £5.5m
  • Position: Midfielder

Jacob Ramsey has the potential to break out as one of the top players in the 2023-24 FPL season.

With Aston Villa’s exciting lineup and strong team composition, Ramsey has already displayed his capabilities by scoring six goals and accumulating 135 points last season.

What makes Ramsey even more enticing is his low ownership rate of just 2.3% and his affordable value in FPL, starting at only £6.0m.

Over the past two seasons, Ramsey has shown continuous improvement, earning increased playing time and becoming a favorite of the manager.

As a young, dynamic, and highly skilled midfielder, Ramsey brings energy and versatility to Aston Villa’s midfield.

While Aston Villa’s recent performances may not have lived up to their previous season’s standards, this presents a unique opportunity for FPL managers to capitalize on Ramsey’s potential and secure valuable points in the upcoming game weeks.

3. James Maddison (Spurs)

  • Price at the start of the season: £7.5m
  • Position: Midfielder

James Maddison is an excellent breakout candidate for the 2023-24 FPL season, especially after his transfer from Leicester to the more attacking side of Spurs.

This move provides Maddison with the opportunity to showcase his skills in a stronger attacking lineup, increasing his potential for points and contributions.

Priced at just 7.5m, Maddison offers fantastic value for FPL managers.

His abilities on the field make him a player of higher worth, capable of accumulating around 200 points throughout the season.

As an English international, Maddison brings both quality and experience to his game, further enhancing his potential impact in the Premier League.

In his best season to date, 2021/22, Maddison recorded an impressive 181 points, scoring 12 goals and providing 11 assists.

These numbers highlight his ability to significantly contribute to his team’s attacking output and make him an exciting prospect for FPL managers.

With his skill set, track record, and the potential for even greater performances at Spurs, James Maddison is undoubtedly also an exceptional bargain player to consider for the upcoming FPL season.

4. Miguel Almiron (Newcastle United)

  • Price at the start of the season: £6.5m
  • Position: Midfielder

Miguel Almiron has the potential to be a breakout player in the upcoming season.

With a price of just £6.5m at the start of the season, he presents an excellent value for FPL managers.

Last season, he showcased his attacking prowess by scoring 11 goals and providing 4 assists in 2,487 minutes of play.

Unfortunately, Almiron’s performance was hindered by an injury towards the end of the season, which prevented him from further demonstrating his red-hot form.

However, if he can maintain his fitness and form, he has the capability to accumulate over 200 points in FPL.

Moreover, considering the strength and balance that Newcastle United displayed last season, Almiron has a favorable environment to showcase his talents and have a breakout season.

With his attacking abilities and the potential for consistent goal involvements, Almiron should be on the radar of FPL managers seeking a potential hidden gem for the 2023-24 season.

5. Reece James (Chelsea)

  • Price at the start of the season: £6.5m
  • Position: Defender

Reece James has the potential to be a breakout player in the upcoming season of FPL. With a price of just £5.5m at the start of the season, he presents an attractive option for FPL managers.

Despite being limited to 1 goal and 2 assists in 1,242 minutes of play last season due to injuries, James has demonstrated his ability to contribute to the attack.

Considering his previous season, which was also hampered by injuries, James showcased his attacking prowess by scoring 5 goals and providing 9 assists in 1,863 minutes.

These numbers highlight his potential to be a valuable asset in FPL, especially for a defender.

With his price likely to increase back to £6.5m, the value he held in his injury-hit season, James has the opportunity to have a breakout season and accumulate over 150 points.

His attacking contributions and potential for goal involvements make him an intriguing option for FPL managers seeking a breakout player for the 2023-24 season.


When a young player improves his stats season by season, it is easier to guess what his next campaign will be like.

Or when a player gets injured (Bamford, Vardy…) or fails to deliver for one season(Sterling…), there are always enough hints to trust him again for the upcoming season.

The key to FPL success is bringing in the right players for the right times!

Use your brain and logic like stats and data to guess if a player is worth transferring in or not?

Never ever transfer in a player for the sole reason that everyone else is transferring him in.

In this article, we have mentioned 5 such potential break-out players who are showing improvement in numbers or coming back from an injury, we will add more to the list as the season progresses.

Still, the genuine breakouts are the ones who surprise everyone and score big right from their 1st season in the league.

To pick them successfully, you have to be alert of them, and pick them immediately after a performance or 2, and if a player doesn’t work, don’t hold him for too long. This is the most difficult part of managing the FPL team, and for sure you can do it!

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