Best mid-price midfielders in FPL

Everyone knows Salah, Debruyne, Håland, Kane, and Trent Alexander Arnold are the top players of the Premier League when it comes to fantasy football. That’s why they are in the team of so many FPL managers.

But the actual test of a manager is finding the gems in mid and low prices. Players like Maddison or Bruno Fernandes who are well capable to click and perform like the superstar assets of the Premier League.

Choosing the right players in their price range will take your team from better than 50% managers to better than 70-75% managers. The rest depends on lining up your best 11, choosing the right captain, and making the best use of wildcard and other chips.

In this blog, we will suggest some of the mid-price midfielders, who can go on and score big throughout the season.

The list will be updated throughout the season because many times there are surprises like Lundstram, Dele Alli, and Harry Kane who start their Premier League career on a very high note being low and mid-priced players.

Best Mid Price Midfielders FPL:

1. Jack Grealish

Available at a price of just £7.5m in FPL, Jack Grealish is potentially going to give you his best season of career in 2023-24.

Signed for a record British transfer fee of £100m, there is a high hope that he will live up to his hype.

Grealish is now well settled at Manchester City.

Last season he scored 5 and assisted 10 goals which was an improvement from the season before and he still is a player much better than this.

A constant threat from the left flank with additional qualities of taking corners and free-kicks, though at Manchester City, he is not enjoying all these responsibilities.

Which is understandable because they have an amazing squad depth and many players can do many things.

But still, expectation is that his stats will improve this season. Mainly because he is at the best club in England, and if he keeps getting minutes, Grealish will for sure score big in FPL.

In fact any player who gets minutes at Manchester City will score good points in FPL!

So we’ll suggest keeping a close eye on Grealish’s minutes, if he is regular, his price tag of £7.5m will be a super bargain.

2. Luis Díaz

This will be Luis Díaz’s 2nd full season at Liverpool. In 1st season when he arrived in the winter transfer window, Díaz scored 4 and assisted 3 goals in just 957 minutes of the Premier League.

In 2nd season he was an in and out player who played 991 minutes and showed kind of similar stats of 4 goals and 2 assists.

He is currently available at £7.5m in FPL and has an ownership of more than 6.4%, which shows the lack of trust from FPL managers. But he is well capable of proving everyone wrong.

Luis Díaz for sure is one of the best mid price FPL midfielders. You should at least put him in your watch list.

3. Phil Foden

You never know what’s going on in the mind of Pep Guardiola. There is a lot of rotation in his team.

A player like Phil Foden, who is the top English young talent and someone who scored 11 goals and provided 7 assists last season was only given 1,832 minutes on the pitch.

That’s a quarter of the season on the bench.

His minutes and stats will surely go up this season if the minutes on pitch get better.

Still, selecting him will be a constant risk because no one other than Guardiola knows whether Phil is going to start or come from the bench in injury time.

The best thing is that, unlike initial seasons, Phil Foden now gets listed as a midfielder instead of a forward, which gives him the potential to score more points.

He is currently available at a price of only £7.5m in FPL.

4. Mason Mount

Mason Mount can be the next big thing in English Football. At £7.0m, he could prove to be an absolute hidden gem and he has already shown signs of it in his 1st 3 seasons at Chelsea.

A hat-trick against Norwich City in a goals-galore Chelsea performance was just an indicator!

Mason Mount is a player who has got all the flavors of a top attacker.

Last season was a bad patch where he scored 3 and assisted 4 goals but it was an overall bad time on Chelsea.

Now that he is in Man United, it can prove to be a total change of luck.

Mount is a player capable of scoring 200 plus points easily and is current price will seem super low if that happens.

5. James Maddison

James Maddison is an excellent mid-priced midfielder to consider for the 2023-24 FPL season, particularly after his move from Leicester to the more attacking side of Spurs.

Joining a stronger attacking lineup provides Maddison with an enhanced opportunity to showcase his skills and deliver valuable contributions.

Priced at just 7.5 million, Maddison represents a potential steal in terms of value.

His on-field abilities make him a player with higher worth, and he has the capability to accumulate around 200 points throughout the season.

As an English international, Maddison brings both quality and experience to his game, further adding to his potential impact on the pitch.

In his best season so far, 2021/22, Maddison recorded an impressive tally of 181 points, scoring 12 goals and providing 11 assists.

These outstanding numbers highlight his significant contribution to his team’s attacking output.

Given his skill set, proven track record, and the potential for even greater performances at Spurs, James Maddison stands out as an exceptional mid-priced midfielder option for FPL managers in the upcoming season.

6. Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes presents a compelling option as a mid-priced midfielder in the FPL for the 2023-24 season.

While personal preferences may vary, the significant reduction in his price from £11.5m to £8.5m makes him an enticing bargain.

Fernandes has proven himself as a consistent scorer of goals and provider of assists, making him a valuable asset for any FPL team.

As the top priority for penalty-taking at Manchester United, he has ample opportunities to contribute to his team’s goal tally.

His ability to amass over 200 points in FPL is well-established, and his upcoming fourth season in the league provides a promising outlook for his performance.

During his debut season, Bruno joined the league in January but still managed to score 117 points.

His peak season came in 2020/21, where he recorded an impressive 18 goals, 14 assists, and a massive 244 points.

With such remarkable numbers, there is every reason to believe that Fernandes can replicate or even surpass his previous achievements in the upcoming campaign.

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