FPL Hidden Gems | Top 10 Ideas Fantasy Premier League Players to Pick

fpl hidden gems

Every season, time and time again, we come across hidden gems in FPL, players like Mahrez, Kane, Lundstram, and Dele Alli, who offer excellent value in terms of points and are great choices for Fantasy Premier League. These players are often either young talents making a big impact despite their low price, or their value … Read more

Fantasy Premier League Guide For New FPL Managers

fantasy premier league guide

The ongoing Premier League season is set to deliver another thrilling spectacle. Just like every year, the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) attracts an increasing number of participants. Last season, there were 11 million FPL managers, and this season, that number is expected to exceed 15 million by the end. With the addition of new managers, … Read more

5 Common Mistakes Footballers Make And Their Solution

Football is a sport that demands more than just kicking the ball. It requires a combination of physical skill, tactical understanding, and mental toughness. Even the most talented players can make mistakes on the field due to momentary lapses in concentration or a lack of experience. However, some mistakes are more prevalent than others. Understanding … Read more